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10 Most Lucrative African Industries Foreign Investors Should Be Watching

Hot Profitable African Industries For Foreign Investment Are you an investor and will love to invest in African industries? There are so many industries in Africa that investors should be watching for. There are some industrial sectors in Africa they I believe are gold mines. Just as the gold in its raw form is oblivion […]

Best Business Ideas to Start in Africa

Profitable Business Ideas and Opportunities to Start in Africa Do you want small business ideas in Africa that bring good returns? Are you an investor looking for opportunities to invest your money in Africa? Africa has raised its investment profile over the last decade, benefiting from an improving macroeconomic environment, reductions in armed conflict and […]

Best Business Ideas to Start in DR Congo

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start in Congo DR What are the best business opportunities in DRC Congo? I’m here again, as usual to nourish your taste and quench your thirst on successful business idea you can cope and liberate with in DR Congo. Democratic Republic of Congo business opportunities Are you looking […]

Successful African Entrepreneurs: their Success and Failure Stories

5 Most Successful African Entrepreneurs African Entrepreneurs Success Stories – Learning From the Millionaires It is so bad that most online publication don’t write about successful African entrepreneurs and it makes it look as if there are no entrepreneur in Africa who has made it into the line of the six-figures earners. I want to […]

Best Business Ideas to Start in Kenya

KENYA BUSINESS IDEAS: BEST SMALL SCALE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Are you looking for the small businesses to start in Kenya? Do you live in Nairobi and what to start lucrative small business ideas in Kenya with small capital? Kenya is an important country in Africa. Kenya is a nice country to invest and run a simple business venture. […]

Best Business Ideas to Start in Ghana

MOST LUCRATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS AND BEST SMALL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN GHANA TO START What are the best small business opportunities in Ghana today? There are many profitable business ideas in Ghana, which is a nation located in the Western part of Africa. It is one of the most popular countries in the whole of Africa. […]

Best Business Ideas to Start in Uganda

PROFITABLE SMALL SCALE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AND INVESTMENT IDEAS IN UGANDA Everyone is trying to start up a business of their own to reduce the load of expenses that keep coming up with daily living. I must say that with the economic break down salaries can no longer handle living generally because there are constant need […]

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