T-Shirt Business Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary for a T-Shirt Printing Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your t shirt printing business? The garment industry has several other value chains which are also attractive for investments. One of such is the T-Shirt printing business which has attracted interested entrepreneurs willing to invest.

But with investments comes a need for understanding of how a business works and proper planning to enable a smooth take-off of the business. An important requirement for starting a t-shirt business is proper planning provided for by the business plan document.

We are interested in an important section of the document which is the executive summary which gives us a general picture of the entire business plan and by extension the business. This enables you to easily follow all the laid down guidelines meant for establishing a thriving business. We are providing a sample t-shirt printing business plan executive summary for the benefit of the entrepreneur having little or no knowledge on how to write one.

By the end of this article, you should be able to easily write your unique t-shirt printing business plan executive summary section by following the information provided here for guidance purposes. We shall commence with the following;

Executive Summary
Unique Designs is a custom t-shirt printing business located in Texas, with expertise in designing t-shirts for our clients. Our clients are made to choose from several available options among which include bringing their own designs or if they have no idea on the design they want, they are given a catalogue to choose from. We also create entirely new designs to add to our catalogue of designs. Every new design is archived for future reference.

At Unique Designs, our business thrives on creativity and innovation, and we always adopt these qualities for every printing/design assignment we handle. Because we know how important are clients are to our business, every work is given our very best, because chances are that our products will attract the attention of others who would be referred back to us if we do our work well.

We take our time to provide excellent customer service because that is where business starts from. A satisfied client is more likely to return, as well as bring in more clients. We have recognized this and put in place a world class customer care department which handles orders and complaints. Our workforce is trained to be courteous and respectful, and this has worked for us in building a strong customer loyalty.

Unique Designs is owned by Derek Joy who himself is a well known name in the design industry as he has worked with major design brands across the United States and brings in his wealth of experience to bare on the business. He would be assisted by Engel Stuart who is a business consultant and also a share holder.

Our Mission
Our mission at Unique Designs is to bring into the design industry new innovations which would catapult us into the big 10 t-shirt design brands in America. Our customers will want the best job done for them, we will always seek to exceed the expectations of our clients through dedication to work. Our passion and determination for excellence will reflect in all our products.

Our Products
We handle different types of tasks for individuals and groups.  Typical assignment for clients may include printing designs for a football, hockey or soccer supporters club, doing jobs for awareness campaign groups such as HIV awareness campaigns or global warming campaigns among several others. We are focused on this particular niche because this is where we have competence in. We also plan on selling our own shirts printed with our designs for clients who may just want to purchase our finished products.

We have expansion plans to expand beyond Texas. But before this, we plan on opening other business outlets in strategic locations within Texas, as well as in other States of the United States.

Our operations will be funded from savings kept for this purpose by the business owner, as well as from debt financing. The realized amount from savings will amount 35% while 65% of the funding will come from debt financing. We have also made projections which see us achieving an impressive profitability within the first 12 months from the date of commencement of business.

Our Keys to Success
We will be deploying the use of cutting-edge technology to give us an edge over our competitors. As such, a substantial part of our invested capital will be committed to the purchase of equipment that will help us realize this goal. Also, we would streamline all our activities to achieve a higher efficiency rate to enable us meet up with growing demands. Effective marketing will be an important priority for us as we seek to attract higher patronage from clients. By committing resources, time and dedication to producing outstanding jobs, these jobs will speak for themselves as they attract more patronage.

The above is a t-shirt custom printed business plan executive summary sample which highlights some of the key areas which close attention must be paid to. By using this executive summary sample as a guide, you are guided from common errors and mistakes made by entrepreneurs in seeking to write their t-shirt printing business plan executive summary.

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