Supermarket Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Supermarket Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Market Assessment
The retail industry has been on an upward climb over the years. With both major and small players taking part in a multi-billion dollar industry that has witnessed great changes. These changes have been largely driven by the internet which has changed the way business is done. People now have the option of visiting a retail store and shopping themselves or purchasing these consumer goods online. Supermarkets are mainly self-service shops having a rich variety of consumer goods where customers can easily walk in and make their purchases.

The retail industry, especially the supermarket has been dominated by major players who make up the majority of owners. However, there are still huge opportunities for individuals to participate in this growing industry.

Market Competition
There is a lot of competition in the retail industry. This has resulted in a lot of innovation. In all of these developments, the customer is the better for it as more options are made available. As mentioned earlier, one can comfortably make a purchase from the comfort of his/her house. However, supermarkets are increasingly becoming competitive and we see this as an opportunity offer unbeatable services. We view competition in a positive light and are determined to ensure we establish a one-stop shop for affordable and unbeatable consumer goods.

Our customer service will form a central focus of our business. This is the face of the business and the opinion the customer has on our customer service matters a lot as it will stick for a long time. Therefore we are focused on giving our clients the best customer experience they can get. Although a small business, we believe this strategy is a building block towards reaching our ultimate goal of building a national brand.

Research has shown that a greater percentage of shoppers are interested in affordable quality products and services. The Shopper’s Delight is determined to offer traditional shopping services while innovating and developing better ways of satisfying clients to make their shopping experience unforgettable.

Target Market
Our target markets are residents within the Montgomery area. Here there is a young and growing population which are energetic and love to shop a great deal. Apart from offering great shopping experiences to our visitors, we will have an online store where customers do not need to come over to the store. Like other online shopping stores, all they need to do is to browse through a list of thousands of products and buy whatever they need. Our delivery partners will deliver this to them at affordable rates. Free shipment will be provided for purchases above a certain threshold.

Financial Projection
After conducting a research on the market, we have discovered that there is great potential for our business and growth. Hence through our growth strategies, we have a set a 3-year financial projection that will see us attracting impressive profits. Such strategies will involve continuous research on better ways to innovate and develop highly satisfactory services. We realize that every edge counts towards achieving our aims. A brief breakdown of this projection is shown in the chart below;

  • First Year $500,000
  • Second Year $3,000,000
  • Third Year $6,000,000

Marketing Strategy
This is an important step for us at The Shopper’s Delight. In seeking to promote our brand, we believe that nothing short of the best will suffice. Hence we have a marketing department in place that will continually come up with better ways of improving our services. To provide high-quality goods at reasonable prices, we intend going into partnership with product manufacturers. This agreement will seek to bring about an understanding between both parties to provide us with attractive profit margin which will reflect the prices of these consumer goods. This will ensure that we make profit while selling at highly attractive prices.

Some marketing strategies to be adopted include the use of social media which is powered by the internet. This tool is powerful and effective in showcasing and promoting a business. We take pride in our brand and are willing to push this brand forward by promoting it on all the available platforms. All social media platforms will be deployed in promoting our business. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. We will have notable personalities (celebrities) advertise our business to the world. This will come at a cost and we will be sparing no expenses in doing so.

Expansion Plans
Although we will start a small business, our targets and goals are to become a national brand within a decade of operations. This means that our outlets will be found in every major city in the United States. This can only be achieved through dedication and commitment to our ideals. Our sights are locked on our destination and we believe we can only get there by doing the things that matter now, no matter how small it may see. By focusing on the future and doing the right things a day at a time, we will reach our set target. In our quest to becoming a national brand, we will buy existing supermarket businesses if need be, and as they become available.

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