Supermarket Business Plan Executive Summary Sample – Example

Executive Summary for a Supermarket Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your supermarket business plan? Starting a supermarket business can sometimes become an overwhelming enterprise if the right steps and measures are not taken. As with any business of worth, there are systematic guidelines to follow and certain things which must be put in place before starting such business. This article focuses on one of such business requirements which is the business plan. This is indispensable to the success of any business. We beam our searchlights on an important aspect of the business which is the executive summary.

This article provides a mini supermarket business plan executive summary sample for the entrepreneur with limited experience in writing a good business plan. The executive summary of the business plan contains all the critical information which are expanded upon in subsequent parts of the business plan. To gain the acceptance of an investor to invest, this area is very crucial as it forms the basis of acceptance or rejection you business will get from funding sources such as investors.

The effects of a well written business plan (especially the executive summary) are not just limited to getting critical funding, but also lay a solid foundation for the success of the business. It is a fact that any business of note has a working and reliable business plan which guides its activities and growth. Having revealed the importance of the executive summary, and by extension the business plan, we will now focus on providing the details of our sample supermarket business plan executive summary;

The Executive Summary

The Shoppers Delight Mart is a supermarket located in the busy neighbourhood of Arkansas’ Blue Ray district. With ever bustling economic and social activities running side by side, this area is perfect for our type of business. The consumer goods will be offered at a low cost, and therefore pocket friendly as the general income range of the community will form an important aspect of our pricing strategy. We have devised innovative ways of providing cost-friendly services while maintaining impressive profitability.

Founded by Mr. Lorenzo Gonzales and Maria Alvarez, the Shoppers Delight is indeed the shopper’s destination as several consumables ranging from wines, assorted snacks, magazines, energy drinks, cold, as well as hot drinks, canned soups cleaning equipments and supplies, pet foods and products, paper bags, tooth pastes and newspapers will be in constant supply these will be provided in addition to several other goods, services and products that will ensure that our Supermarket becomes a one-stop-shop for all products.

Apart from shopping, the Shoppers Delight will provided value added services such as free WIFI access for customers as well as a game lounge where kids can have fun. There will also be game rentals provided in the game lounge for kids who would want a continuation of the fun at home. First time shoppers will be given a 50% discount on purchases below $100. This is to help create a good first impression.

To cater for the unique payment needs of our esteemed clients, we would be accommodating a variety of payment options to encourage patronage. Some of these payment options will include the use of the Point-of-Sale (POS) machines for payment, the acceptance of cash payments and also the acceptance of cheques. Others include payment through mobile banking as well as internet banking to mention a few. These strategies are geared towards making shopping a lot less stressful.

Funding for our supermarket will come from 2 sources which are savings and also through debt financing. For the savings, there is currently $200,000 kept aside for this project by Mr. Lorenzo Gonzalez and Mrs. Maria Alvarez. The major part of the funding requirement will come from debt financing which will be used to raise the sum of $600,000. The expected returns on investment are estimated to be in the region of 20-30% year-on-year.


At the Shoppers Delight, we have carried out projections based on available data from the market. from the results of our findings, we are on course to attract an impressive profit rate that sees us raking in healthy profits of $140,000 in the short term (1st year), $200,000 in the medium term (2nd Year) and $300,000 in the long term range (3rd Year).

The Market

There are huge possibilities for growth within the retailing industry as immigration levels continue to soar. This is added to the growing population within Arkansas’ Blue Ray District. These are positive indices of growth for our business and also will be taken advantage of to expand our services to other underserved communities within the United States. Currently, there is stiff competition within the retail industry, however, we have developed strategic partnerships with manufacturing companies that will see us getting products at considerably lower rates, therefore allowing for healthy profit margins.

Another measure taken which gives us an edge over our competitors is the provision of night shopping. This is targeted at taking care of the shopping needs of our esteemed night shoppers who are mostly on essential duty or other forms of service. There is a considerably high population of night shoppers within Arkansas’ Blue Ray District, and these are our targets apart from daytime shoppers.


Our Mission at Shoppers Delight is to expand our services through the opening of several other business outlets within Arkansas and beyond. We intend to bring innovation to retail industry by introducing revolutionary ways of doing business which will drive our growth and expansion plans.

Our Keys to Success

A strategy we will use to stay relevant in the market is to create high visibility within the market. This will only be possible through the adoption of effective marketing strategies. There are several of these strategies to be employed, as we would deploy our marketing strategies across various channels that include the electronic and print media. We will also leverage on the power of the internet by using social media channels as well as building a website for our business.

We will continually be involved in research aimed at bringing about better ways of serving our esteemed clients. A research and development department will be established for this purpose.

This sample supermarket business plan executive summary has summed up all you need to know on what should be included or found in a good supermarket business plan executive summary. With this information, you can simply go ahead and write your business plan executive summary using this as a guide.

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