How Much Does a Haircut Cost at Supercuts?


How much does it cost to get a haircut at Supercuts? The hair is considered as a man’s glory. It is worn with pride and a representation of the man himself. It is not uncommon to see women sporting different kinds of hairstyles depending on how their mood is. In fact most women have mood swings as much as they change their clothing.

Just like clothes, haircuts are an indication and definition of an era as it evolves from one trend into another over a period of time. This is just why haircut salons and other care facilities need to stay up to date in order for them to keep their customers. And this is just what you will get at Supercuts.

In the course of this piece, we will be discussing the cost of a haircut at Supercuts.


Supercuts was established in the year 1975 in San Francisco by Geoffrey Rappaport and Frank Emmet. They had their first store location in Albany, California. But the head office is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company is a subsidiary of Regis, which is considered to be the largest salon chain in the world.

With their competent haircut services and the best customer care, the company has grown to about 2,500 salons spread at different locations of the country. They also have franchises locations in the UK. Supercuts’ highly trained stylists take so much pride in providing care and attention to all their clients irrespective of the class and the age.


Supercuts provide a wide range of different haircut services which will include haircut for men, women’s haircuts, colour services, kids’ haircut, waxing and so on. The company’s services are rendered with great value and at the best prices. Clients can come in to get either a simple haircut and get a hot towel refresher and even get additional services such as blow drying and shampooing.


When you decide to have your haircuts at Supercuts, you will be getting the best services form their stylists. They have been trained to offer the latest cuts in fashion. They have the skills to copy any new trending haircut from any magazine to fit their customer.

At Supercuts, you will even get suggestions from the stylists if you are quite unsure of what style to have.

The company’s large network also provides flexibility. It is possible for you to find a Supercuts salon in almost every state of the country. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, there will always be a Supercuts location at your destination. And with the attention the company gives to consistency, it is very much likely for clients to get the same service from any Supercuts salon.


If you decide to have your haircut at Supercuts, the average Supercuts haircut price ranges between $15 and $35. The cost of haircut at Supercuts will also depend on the age of the customer, the length of the hair, location of the salon and the type of haircut the customer request for. You should note that there will be additional costs when you intend to have special haircuts such as waxing, dreadlocks, dying and so on.


You can find below the average price of haircuts at Supercuts


  1. SuperHaircut I: this will entail just a simple haircut and towel refresher and it costs between $14 and $16
  2. SuperHaircut II: This service covers a haircut, hot towel, shampoo and refresher and it cost between $18 and $21
  3. SuperHaircut III: In this category you get a simple blow-dry in addition to the previous category and the cost of this haircut at Supercuts is between $25 to $28
  4. SuperHaircut III: This service includes shoulder to chest length treatment and it is termed THE LONG. It is charged between the range of $30 and $35


  1. Supercut: this is charged between $12 and $14
  2. Supercut 2: This service covers both haircut and shampoo and it is charged $15


  1. Supercut: This service costs between $12 and $14
  2. Supercut II: This service costs between $15 and $20


One of the reasons why a lot of people choose to have their haircuts at Supercuts is that you do not need to have an appointment before you are being served. You can just walk into any of their salons and someone will surely attend to you.


Just like any other service, having a haircut may require giving gratuities and tips but it is not compulsory. It only depends on your rapport with your stylists and personal satisfaction you get from the service rendered to you.

Some of the additional costs of haircuts at Supercuts include

  1. Shampoo: This will cost between $5 to $10
  2. Conditioning treatment: This will cost between $10 to $12
  3. Scalp massage: This will cost between $15 to $20
  4. Tea Tree Experience: $8 to $10
  5. Beard Trim: $6 to $8
  6. Bang Trim: This also costs between $6 to $8
  7. Moustache Trim: $3
  8. Additional Flat Iron: $10

There are a whole lot of other services you can get at Supercuts. Just walk into any of their location and you will be given the best experience when it comes to modern trends in haircut.

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