Supercuts Franchise Cost Price – Fee and Profit Information

Supercuts Franchise Average Profit, Startup Cost Fee and Owners Requirements

Is supercuts a good franchise? How much does the franchise cost to start? How much do owners make from it?

Starting a new hair-cut salon store might be stressful based on start-up cost and other aspect of managing the business. Joining a franchising hair-cut business will be your best bet due to the leverage you will get based on expenses and you will also be well-educated on how to successfully run the business.

When it comes to picking a franchise based on your niche, you have to for a franchising company that has a good history record and over here, I will be sharing with you one successful franchise for your consideration. If you have also been thinking lately on opening a Supercut franchise, this will also be helpful to you.

Regis Corporation is the owner of Supercuts franchise scheme and operates over 950 Supercuts salons, while ensuring that all franchisees succeed.



How much does a Supercuts franchise make? As a person who has been granted a franchise under Supercuts, you are entitle to the various  multiple revenue streams, which will assist you based on growth in terms of sales and revenue. Revenue streams comprise:

* Haircuts: The main franchise service offerings at Supercut comprise three haircut options: the Supercut, the Supercut Junior, and the Supercut Senior. These are all trademarked.

* Salon Services: Supercuts salons give out a chain of services and the famed Tea Tree Experience.

* Hair Products: Supercuts franchises offer an array of top in-demand brands in hair products today comprising Paul Mitchell, Matrix Biolage, Redken, and American Crew.


Active and detailed individuals and families characteristically demand a business shop that is trusted and can be rely on, to avoid the issue of changing salons so often.  Supercuts franchisees understand that brand visibility and a pleasant customer and client satisfaction mean more customer turnover, and this helps engender a sustainable cash flow.

Cost & Fees

How much is a supercuts franchise? 

Business Overview: This franchise business gives legal go-ahead to operate a Supercuts shop offering the same services and products approved by the management.

Franchise Offering: The franchisee will be accorded the license to operate and oversee a hair care retail store providing the service of haircut and other related services under the Supercuts logo, trademark and other distinguishing features associated with the Supercuts franchise.

Financial Assistance: It’s in Supercuts mode of operation not to finance the franchisee directly or indirectly, nor does it stand as guarantor to the franchisee’s financial obligations.

In all cases, candidates are mandated to sublease the Store’s premises directly from Supercuts, which will sign a major/master lease with the owner of the premises. Supercuts don’t sell nor discount to a third party or parties, all or any part of any financing structure.

Training Course and Support: Supercuts renders a mandatory training course to all their franchisee. All new Supercuts stylists and barbers are mandated to attend a hairstylist’s academy training course/certification program. If you’re a store manager, you must attend a Managers’ Training scheme.

This training generally takes between 2-5 days. Supercuts will offer to all of the franchisees staff refresher training that will expose them to the uniform haircutting techniques employed by all Supercuts hair care centers.

Supercuts will also provide available advisory personnel for free to potential Supercuts franchisees. These advisory/consultant personnel will be visiting the location, from time to time, in order to ascertain if the franchisee is following the rules based on the quality of service being offered and standard procedures and advise employees on newer techniques and methodologies.

Territory: Supercuts franchisees don’t have any right to be allocated an exclusive place or region. Even if the franchisee start getting competitive fight from other franchisees, from centers that the Supercuts franchise operates, or from other competitive brands owns by Supercuts franchise, the franchisees has no right to relocate.

Terms and Policies: Supercuts franchise stipulates that as far as the right and license to run the Supercuts store has not run out its course and the franchisee has reputable standing operation on any relevant agreements, the franchisee can continue with the terms continually.

The term expires on expiration of right to lease or sublease franchise center excepting the relocation of the franchisee business within 180 days, from the time of contract cessation.

Obligations and Limitations: Although Supercuts franchise structure strongly advocates for the franchisees personal involvement, Supercuts don’t allow that they directly oversee the daily operation of the business.

Supercuts Franchise policy, however, mandates  that the store must always  be under the direct, on-premises supervision of a manager  who has  undergone the training course and devotes quality time to the running  of the Supercuts Store.

This and more are the things you need to know about Supercuts franchise, and if you are not satisfied, you can visit Supercuts Franchise website to get more information.

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