7 Reasons You Need to Start Writing Blog for Your Business


Writing a blog may seem time consuming or unimportant for many business owners, but blogging for business is essential. Businesses most likely have a website, however even if the design is on point, they may notice they are not getting enough business.


This is why businesses need to use and understand their online blogs. Don’t overlook the power of the process, use it for all its worth. Now, more than ever, blogs are a necessary part of any successful business. And they are the perfect way to offer your customers a more positive online experience.

Let’s start with reviewing more specific reasons why you need to have a business blog, and how to get started.


1. Social media marketing. 

Having a platform where you can post information any time, anywhere, is amazing. Take advantage of starting your own offers and connect with all social media accounts.

2. Blog Sites affect SEO results. 

You want to get on that first page of Google results. This is where you want your focus. Creating a blog for business  will get you on the first page, not a static one page website.

3. Gain new customers.

You can increase your followers by almost 60% if you include a blog! Without a great blog your business chances losing these customers that could have otherwise easily have been brought on board.

4. Build confidence & authority.

A successful blog will also increase sales, as well as build your confidence. Whether you’re a product business or a freelancer, make a blog to build your motivation and authority in your niche.

5. Cost-effective marketing. 

Many hosting platforms offer stunning free blog options, and marketers can write whatever they want. There are endless options for marketing campaigns; it’s silly to skip out on such an opportunity.

6. Increases networking. 

Once you begin blogging business, you will have feedback as well. People will comment, other businesses will see your work and you will naturally increase your network.

7. Sharpens business focus. 

You may find over time, that creating a good blog has helped you gain a better focus of your business vision. It will also help organize and optimize your entire business-marketing plan.


1. Pick your host domain. 

Whether it’s WordPress, Squarespace, BigCommerce or one of the many other sufficient hosting platforms, make sure you pick the one that best suits your specific needs.

2. Set policy and tone.  

Know what your business goals are, as well as your marketing goals. Have a business policy and online content policy put into place, and if you don’t know what to include, research before publishing.

3. Fine-tune the design. 

Once you have chosen a template, go through the style of your blogging site. Play around with displays and arrangements, colors and fonts, until you’ve found what perfectly suits your business. You want to grab attention immediately.

4. Hire professional content writer for blog writing:

Upwork – This professional freelance network connects employers with clients and vice versa. Users can create a profile and easily search through thousands of content writers for hire.

Ninjaessays – This writing service is composed of highly qualified blog writers and can be an excellent place to find help with blog post writing, editing and proofreading, and even plagiarism checks.

FreelancerCareers – This site offers access to public charts that display hundreds of freelance writing job. Simply sign up and register and begin searching for your perfect content writing match. The site also offers secure payments.

Freelancer – With this site users can post a project and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes. The site works of a reputation system and is easy to use.

Textbroker – Textbroker is a great way to discover content writers. Register for free and users decide their own level of price, quality and project level.

5. Make it useful and interactive. 

Make it worth your customer and client’s time. Do not just post mundane facts, tell a story, educate and get the readers involved. Ask call to action questions and motivate leads to turn into new sales.

6. Understand keyword usage. 

Know what your keywords are and how to use them. Do not blast keywords to gain better search results, this will only label your posts as spam and hurt you in the long run.

7. Update regularly. 

Update your information and write good articles as needed. If links have changed, check and update them. If something new happened in the world, or in regards to one of your posts, update the info and maintain your authority with viewers.

8. Post consistently. 

You can’t start a blog and only work on it during a sales launch. That will not get you the desired results. Implement it into your daily routines to stay on top of the workload.

Blogging has simply become a necessary element of any business website. It can boost your traffic and followers, give you the opportunity to turn leads into customers, and can even become an additional service you offer to loyal viewers.

It is not always easy, and it needs to be done regularly to obtain maximum results. But it’s more than worth the time and effort. So use the tips and tools listed above and start your business blog today!

Author’s bio:
Julie Petersen is a content marketing expert as well as a freelance writer. As the author of AskPetersen blog, she writes reviews of essay writing services. Besides, she is a contributor to such websites as Addicted2Success, CollectiveEvolution, Business.com, Tech.Co, etc. Contact Julie on Linkedin.

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