How to Train your Team to Think Strategically

How to Improve Your Team’s Strategic Thinking Skills

Are you a team leader, and it seems you are the only one who thinks strategically in your team? Do you want everyone on your team to be able to come up with effective plans in line with your organizations objectives? Does everyone in your team still think strategic thinking is meant for only those in management?


Thinking strategically is sometimes seen as something that should be done by leader alone, but this is not true and should never be the situation in any organization. This is because if only the leaders think strategically, it makes carrying out strategic plans by the team difficult.

Ways To Share Your Strategic Thinking Skills With Your Team

Strategic thinkers are one of the most effective people and every team leader should train their team to think strategically. Strategic thinking is a skill that can be taught and learnt. Training your team to think strategically can be done using thee few steps;

Ways to Help Get Employees to Think More Strategically

Choosing Mentors

One of the best ways to train your team to think strategically is by telling them to choose mentors who are strategic thinkers. As a team leader, you could tell members of your team to choose for themselves, mentors who think strategically which they would observe, are committed to, seek advice from, confide in and bring up ideas to for feedback.

This would aid in directing their line of thoughts and focus in order to think strategically.

Being Customer-need Conscious

Another way to train your team to think strategically is to advise them to be customer or consumer-needs conscious. They should be able to anticipate the needs of customers, and derive means of meeting such needs before these needs come up.

For example, let say a school head mistress who wanted to train her teachers to think strategically. She created a classroom environment among the teachers during a staff meeting and brought out likely scenarios they would come to experience during a lesson. This aided in preparing them on how to act if and when such a scenario came up.

Your team needs to be conscious of consumer needs and create ways on how to meet them before they surface. This is how a strategic thinker acts.

Keep the Information Channel Open

In order to train your team to think strategically, they would need to be properly informed all the time. They should have information on what is going on, the market, any changes that comes up, immediately it comes up. Having the right information helps to elevate their thinking ability.

Encourage Ideas

In training your team to think strategically, it is important to encourage them to come up with ideas on how to deal with certain situations themselves. They should be encouraged to build their own strategies on how to deal with issues on their own.

Being Patient    

A strategic thinker is never impatient. As someone concerned with training your team to think strategically, one thing they should never do away with is patience. Encourage them to build the ability to be patient and not jump into conclusions.

This is especially important when they are faced with a new idea or thoughts. Instead of jumping immediately into it, they question that idea or thought, and give it time to develop into great success before trying it out.

Taking a Time-Out  

Every strategic thinker knows a little time alone is very important and it is usually a practice that gives birth to grand ideas. Therefore, it is important to encourage your team to take time-out, which could be in form of a stroll, a retreat to their favorite corner, or anywhere they can feel relaxed, and should always take a pen and paper or a laptop along.

Anticipate Change

To train your team to think strategically it is important to for them to learn how to anticipate change. Every strategic thinker anticipates change and be proactive towards it. They ought to have plans that are flexible enough to accommodate any future challenges that may rise up afterwards.

Be Life-long Learners

No strategic thinker knows it all. In order for your team to be able to think strategically, it is important for them to accept the fact that they are and will always be learners. They should be committed to this fact and be ready to learn from each others’ experiences always.

Be realistic optimists

In order for your team to be able to think strategically, it is important for them to be creative, optimistic, and at the same time be realistic. They should be able to know when to draw the line between what is achievable in the long-term and what is not.

A team made up of strategic thinkers is way greater and more successful than one in which only the leader thinks strategically. Applying these few methods could turn your team around and change their line of thought.

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