Storytelling Marketing: Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Online Storytelling Marketing Tips for Small Business: Promote your Brand With Stories

Digital content marketing storytelling is a smart move for small business owners. The good news is that it is not complicated, time consuming or expensive. You can’t underestimate the importance of storytelling in business.

Importance of storytelling in Marketing
If you’re a small business owner and you want to leverage the use of stories and quotes by going into internet marketing for your business, then this post is totally for you. Storytelling marketing has gone beyond just for bloggers, online business MLM or online stores.

Presently, the bricks and mortars uses digital storytelling for marketing their business. Social media has made everything much more easy. This post offers the most effective storytelling marketing help for small business owners.

Tools for Storytelling Internet Marketing

• A website or blog
• A social media account. Preferably Facebook
• An online manager. It can be the owner or someone can be appointed.

But majorly in this post, I will be deliberating on one important storytelling marketing strategy the top online business marketers are using to get massive explosion in their sales. This strategy is only used by few because not everyone has heard of it.

Drum roll……….

This strategy is called Storytelling for Marketing or I prefer calling it Story Selling.

Storytelling Marketing Definition?

Story content definition
Storytelling is the lifeblood of your brand. It’s the medium by which your audience connect emotionally with who you are and what you do.

Storytelling is the medium by which you communicate to your customers.

Most marketing story examples are powerful. Hence, if we can effectively use it, you will be able to get their attention and also hold it long enough to let them know the value you offer without letting it look like you are selling to them.

Storytelling doesn’t just refer to fictional stories. It is how you speak to a customer, online and offline, how you tell them about your business, product, service in a way that intrigues them and leads them to a buying decision.

How can Entrepreneurs maximize the power of Storytelling in their business?

Best storytelling for marketing examples
Firstly, you have to create a compelling story. A brand story of your journey so far, what inspired you, your struggles, your successes and your aspirations.

Secondly, you need to know that every brand has a story. Even if they started business 2 weeks ago. They have a story (about how they started, their plans for the future and present successes).

No matter how infinitesimal, valuable content marketing storytelling will help connect with your audience emotionally, making them buy-into your brand.

Principles that should guide your Storytelling

1. Be Interesting:

Ensure your communication is interesting to an average audience, whether you’re using written, audio or video, make it interesting. This is one of the best storytelling techniques for marketing.

2. Tell the Truth:
You need to stick to the facts and realities of your business or product. Don’t use an Iphone 6s in your video, and pose in a posh office, when you’re still broke and operating your business from a Techno phone.

3. Live the Truth:

It’s not enough to tell the truth, you have to live the truth. Make sure you embody the brand you project and let your business reflect the values of your brand.

Brands That Made Success Using Storytelling as a Marketing Tool

There are several successful marketing storytelling examples. Two brands that did this well is ALWAYS Nigeria and PEPSI Nigeria with their long throat campaign.

ALWAYS Nigeria just recently signed up A-list Artiste, Tiwa Savage as their brand ambassador. It was effective for them in their brand storytelling, because ALWAYS is positioned to serve first time and second time moms. Tiwa is a first time mom, so her story of how ALWAYS is her choice pampers is INTERESTING, BELIEVABLE and TRUE.

The long throat campaign was a success because it resonated with the story of an average Nigeria who wants more for less. The brand basically offered more and made plenty of noise about it, and the story sold their brand and their products.

Think about any business—online or offline. Most successful ones have a story to tell front and centre. Take Subway Franchise, for example. Subway used to be just another fast food restaurant like McDonald’s, Burger King, and all the rest. Then somewhere along the line, the company found this guy named Jared.

He was a big guy who weighed over four hundred pounds. However, he started eating nothing but Subway twice a day, and over the course of a couple of years, he lost a ton of weight. Subway shared Jared’s story with the world. They put him in commercials, on billboards, everywhere. By making Jared their Attractive Character, Subway transformed its business from an average fast food restaurant to a weight-loss plan. This new tactic completely set the company apart from the competition.

One of the reasons that Subway does so well is because it focuses marketing tactics around an Attractive Character. People trying to lose weight can relate to Jared. They understand his back-story, and they want to be like him. If this guy could lose all that weight just by eating Subway twice a day, then they can too. This same guy has been bringing in business for Subway for over fifteen years!

So what is the story behind your business?

If your business must succeed in this 21st century, then you should have a story to tell your preferred customers.

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