Starting a Solar Farm Business

Interested in small solar farming business ideas? If YES, here is how to open a solar farm with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Solar Power Farm

Do you own a farm land that is not fetching as much income required from your crude or mechanized farming? Or you have a land that has not been used for growing crops for a very long time, or maybe it is even a vacant site, and you are interested in starting up a solar farm?

Perhaps you are thinking of a Franchise opportunity? This write-up will take you through how to start a solar farm if you would want to invest into the solar farm business. this article is also aimed at discussing the financial requirements, the fast facts about solar farms mentioning the current statistics on the requirements and its usage.

In so many homes you might have seen solar panels mounted on roofs, usually single panels that converts energy from the sun into an Alternating current (AC) for use in the house, and on hearing solar farm, you did wonder, how relevant the solar farm business would be and what is it really like?

Solar farm is a capital intensive business and the return on investments worth it so well.

What Really Is a Solar Farm?

How does a solar panel farm work? What about a solar energy generation farm? A solar farm (Photovoltaic Power) is a wide area of land where solar towers are being erected on the ground. The purpose is to harvest large quantity of energy from the sun which is far larger than the one in private homes and supply very large number of people. Generally, large or multiple solar panels are being installed in lands that are unimproved.

The energy produced by a solar farm is efficient. 5 Megawatt of installation will require approximately 25 acres of land. The 5 Megawatt accumulated will serve about 1500 houses for a whole year based on an average usage.

The size of a solar farm site is around 15-100acres of land. Panels can either be installed on the ground in the field and need be can be installed on commercial buildings. Since the focus is harvesting massive energy from the sun, therefore, panels must be placed where sun rays can effectively be captured. In fact, it is best to position them south-west for a best output. Additionally, to make the most out of the sunshine.

While it is true that solar panel get energy from sunlight directly, it is important to get the panels cleaned regularly. If the panel surface is left with dirt, it will affect the rate at which sun rays will reach them.

Solar panels are designed to withstand all forms of weather for a very long time. Usually, a solar panel can last around 25-40 years. Although, losing efficiency over time is inevitable. The inverters that are used for the energy conversion into AC can also last a considerable number of years, basically spanning 10-15 years.

It may also last a length of 2-5years before a solar farm permit will be granted, due to the submission and approval stages; it must be submitted to the federal, state and local regulator. Apart from the permit, it is important you apply for a business license and other related document.


How much does it cost to set up a solar farm? The initial cost required to start up this business did vary. The PV type installed, the size, the installer, locations, availability of sun light and the company to supply the panels are the factors that will affect the cost of starting a solar farm.

But on an average, a solar farm is expected to generate at least 1Megawatt which will be capable of serving more than 200 households. With that in mind, the general installation for a 1MW could be assumed to cost $1 million.

As noted initially, a solar farm is capital intensive, therefore starting a solar farm might require that you seek for grants from governments or private sources. Note that your business model must be impressive, if your business model is appealing, large amount of money might be given from investors. In fact, Banks may be interested to offer traditional business loans for starting up.

Facts About Starting a Solar Farm

  • Solar is one of the fastest-growing source of renewable energy currently in America.
  • Statistics from the government shows that in 2015, about 123 solar farms are proposed to be built.
  • The target of the UK is to meet sourcing at least 15% of its energy from renewable by the year 2020.
  • Solar power is common with the public sector. More than 80% of the British public sector supports the use of solar powers.

Consider Starting a Solar Farm or Franchising?

Truthfully, an in-depth knowledge about the solar farm industry will be needed if one would want to start a solar farm business. You are expected to understand the best and available products, solutions to numerous homes and business owners, establishing a solid relationship between suppliers and consultant and many more. This will help develop a working solar farm business plan.

To that effect, it is cost effective to buy a franchise since all processes had already been carried- everything about the business had been tested out.

If you would want to eventually sort for buying a franchise, I would advise you to research into the best solar franchise opportunity. Happy solar farming business!

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