Social Media Mistakes That Can Tarnish Your Brand

Common Social Marketing Mistakes That Can Hamper Your Small Business Brand

Do you use social media for promoting your brand? Social media has become one of the best and widely used tools in promoting different brands. But do you know there are some mistakes you can make on social media, no matter how little, that could make people to click on that “unfollow” or “unlike” button?

It could be that you have already made some of these mistakes or still making them without even knowing and this has led a decline in traffic on your sites and as a result tarnishing your brand.

Well, below are some of these mistakes you should avoid or stop making in order to get back or keep your brand on track.

• Posting too Much or Little Content

Posting too much or little content is one mistake that can tarnish your brand on social media. Some brands make the mistake of overly advertising their products on social media. No one loves scrolling down their timeline and seeing it covered with posts from only one particular brand.

It is infuriating to most people, and I know I have unfollowed so many pages just because of that.

Your posts should be minimal and meaningful. Posting too little is also something you should avoid.

Imagine leaving your page idle for days or weeks, then dropping a post or two, and then going back on vacation. Now, that is the definition of social media suicide. It is one of the easiest and most common way people tarnish their brands on social media. It is best to keep your brand page busy, but not too busy. Try to maintain a balance.

• Not Responding to Feedbacks

Some brands just use social media platforms for promotion of their products and services. This is a grave mistake. Your audience did not just follow or like your page just because they want to be updated about your brand only. They would love to play a major role by making contributions, suggestions or even complaints about your brand.

Most business owners ignore such comments/feedback which is a mistake that can tarnish your brand. Hence, it is important to read such comments and respond where necessary. It doesn’t matter if such comments are good or bad.

Some brands go as far as leaving and responding to good reviews while deleting the bad ones. If you do this, you are on your way to tarnishing your brand’s image on social media. Make your fans know they are heard and listened to. This is vital in keeping your brand alive. Seeing responses from you to people piques the interest of others and sends a powerful message.

• Posting only Article Content

Most times we make the mistake of filling up our social media pages with write-ups, articles and all whatnots. This is boring. It is a gateway to tarnishing your brand on social media. This modern day, people are easily attracted to visuals, videos. It grabs attention easily.

A single picture could send out a more eye-catching message than an article. Ever scrolled through a person’s phone and admired all the pictures but flipped quickly through the ones that had write-ups and quotes without actual images in them? Well, that is what also happens to your brand on social media, when all your posts are just boring long talks.

The importance of high-quality graphics and images on your page can never be over-emphasized, even if that is all you do. It makes people stop and take their time to find out the message you are trying to pass across.

• Misuse or Nonuse of Hashtags

Some brands tarnish their images by abuse of hashtags. You would see posts like. “#Build #strength #by #using #this #product #that #is #100% #Pure”, or posts like #ItsallaboutUs#. This sends a wrong message to your followers or fans on social media.

Hashtags are important and are a reliable means of promoting brands especially on twitter and Instagram. You ought to get it right and do it the right way.

• Irrelevant or Unnecessary Posts

Some brands sometimes tarnish their images on social media by posting too many stuff that are unrelated to their brands. Yeah, it is okay to share a joke or two once in awhile in order to keep your brand active. But there should be a limit.

I have seen some brands who just because they got more responses from audiences when they posted other unrelated posts totally changing their identity and focusing on these other stuffs, forgetting that what attracted the audience in the first place was the brand. This of course tarnished their image.

You would see brands on social media which started off as a phone page, ending up to be a gossip page. Posting irrelevant things on your brand page on social media is a good way to tarnish your brand and should be avoided at all cost.

Making the above mistakes on social media could tarnish your brand and avoiding them is an effective strategy to staying relevant on social media.

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