Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Business Engagements

Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Your Engagements

Do you need practical ways of boosting social media engagement? Every business is set-up primarily to make a profit after offering goods or a service to a customer, while minimizing the cost of obtaining and bringing such a good/service to the customer. However, the business owner, in deferring to the trend of the times, must understand how the market place and the interaction between buyer and seller has changed over the years.

Businesses must take into consideration the dynamics that go into conducting any type of transaction. The buyer as an individual, is inundated with a plethora of choices, channels and means; each of them offering options that must analyzed by the consumer in question.

The consumer wields enormous powers in the market place today and he/she can be referred to as the limiting reaction in the chemical equation involving the whole market process and value chain.

So, the question arises: how does the small business attract and retain that essential customer? How does the one-time customer achieve the status of being a repeat customer? The answer lies in a strategy termed customer engagement.

Customer Engagement comprises a variety of processes that bring the business concern in contact with the customer; as well as his/her ideology, spending patterns and other such notable indices of measurement.

The main vehicle/medium of communication and one which has evolved over the years is Social media. From this platform, businesses do not only market and advertise but also gather useful information about their target demographic and potential leads.

There are several social media management tools that can boost the engagement of any business concern with the target market/customers. They are as follows:

Social Media Engagement Tactics To Boost Shares And Conversions


Socedo is an interesting tool that the small business can use to appropriately profile existing and potential customers that the small business desires to attract and engage with. Socedo analyzes these customer types based on relevant keywords and other information.

Once this social media marketing tool identifies such a targeted customer, it sends a tweet to the individual, thereby opening up a channel of communication and the small business can then follow the visitor.

Socedo also has a feature that allows the small business receive direct messages from the visitor, thereby creating an avenue for keeping such an individual on the radar as a potentially fruitful lead.


This is another veritable social media marketing tool that the small business can employ in boosting customer engagement. Kingsumo is a plugin for WordPress applications that helps small businesses create blogs with compelling content and headlines in a variety of formats. Kingsumo enjoys wide spread use because it not only helps in creating these quality content but also analyzes which of the created content is most likely to make a connection with the target market of the small business. This filtered information can then be deployed in the e-mail marketing or any other kind of marketing that the small business chooses to pursue.

3. BulkBuffer

Small business used this social media marketing tool to pre-arrange social media engagement posts, in a timely, efficient and effective manner. BulkBuffer not only saves the small business time and energy but it takes buffering to new heights.

It does this with a key feature that allows the small business schedule a group of social media engagement posts for up to several weeks at a time. Bulk Buffer can also be used by the small business to draw up a social media engagement campaign, taking into consideration several important customer information and indices.


For small businesses that like to keep tabs on what has been posted in its engagement with customers, Edgar proves to be the ideal social media marketing tool. Edgar helps the small business to skim through previous posts, re-edit posts with new or older content as well as source for useful content for the website or blog.

Edgar also assists the small business track scheduled edits of post allowing the small business to categorize, schedule, and continue to add other items to her engagement drive, including images, other content, charts and other materials.


Another veritable social media marketing tool that can boost the engagement drive of the small business is Mention. Mention lest the small business assess the performance of its website, blog and other media of engagement, by giving relevant real time, online indices such as number of visits, number of enquiries made, individual page visits frequency as well as other relevant analyses.

With Mention, the small business can connect all its social media accounts and be better prepared to respond when and where necessary, and also in a timely manner.

Mention boosts the capacity of the small business to be more responsive, thereby bringing more effectiveness in its social media engagement drive, resulting in the capturing of more quality leads.

Although the list above is not exhaustive, it can be seen that with the right tools, the small business can boost its social media engagement, find high-quality leads, and increase its chances of converting high quality leads into tangible business transactions.

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