Starting a SMS Short Code Business in Nigeria

How to Start A SMS Short Code Business in Nigeria

The coming of the internet has opened routes to numerous open doors internationally. Correspondence has been made simple, as well as individuals even profit from it. Having the capacity to correspond with other individuals miles far from you and still profit from them nice. That is exactly how simple the web has made it to earn a living. Nigerians, as sharp as we are have ended up experts in exploiting this new innovation. The capability to send instant messages is no more restricted in light of the fact that the web has removed all limits. Distinguished among the most productive online business ideas in Nigeria is the SMS short code business.


Numerous Nigerians doubt how simple and gainful this new business is. How you set it up and the messages you send generally affects your earnings. You have to know how it functions before jumping into it. Much the same as for numerous different online business. You could be a wholesaler or retailer of short codes.

The wholesaler is basically a short code administration supplier that rents out its short codes for organizations (retailers) to utilize. As the retailer, you are then in charge of the amount profit you make which is dictated by how you tailor your messages and who they are sent to.

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Keeping in mind the end goal is to dispatch your short codes; 

1. Select your administration supplier and appeal for data on their short code setup 
2. These suppliers then send you their record containing all their short code set up. 
3. Upon survey, you ask for an administration and additional information.
4. When you acknowledge this and fill all essential parts, you will be charged and after that your picked set up will be arranged and handled with the systems. 

How Do I Get Started?
To begin, kindly do the accompanying; 
1. You MUST have enlisted Business Name 
2. You MUST have the capacity to demonstrate the Proof of Business Ownership 
3. You must give a Documentation about use of the short code 

How Do I get the Code? 
You will get the short code from an issuing organization once you get together with the prerequisites. Short code issuing organizations exist in Nigeria and you may have seen some while viewing your most loved TV shows. You can contact the organizations straightforwardly or by means of outsider operators that you trust.

Classes of  SMS Short Codes 
There are 3 types of SMS Short Code administrations, they are; Shared Short Codes, Dedicated Short Codes and Multi-Shared Short Codes.

How Do I have to Setup SMS Short Code Services? 

Devoted Short Code
Setup charge: N630,000 (Please note: The Price for setup is N 600, 000 while “Profit Online Nigeria” takes N30, 000). Month to month charge: N100, 000. Setup time: 2-3months

Imparted Short Code
Setup charge: N140,000 (Please note: The Price for setup is N 120, 000 while “Profit Online Nigeria” takes N20, 000). Month to month charge: N15,000. Setup time: 2-3days

Multi Shared Short Code

Setup charge: N60,000 (Please note: The Price for setup is N 50, 000 while “Profit Online Nigeria” takes N5,000). Month to month charge: N15,000. Setup time: 1 Day

When your administration is set up, making cash from it is simple. One approach to do this is by offering an item. You can send messages to prospects providing for them motivation to buy or win your item through giving right responses to tests or any system for your decision.

An alternate path is to charge your message beneficiaries for utilizing your administration. You can do this by offering them a tune in return for credit. You choose a catchphrase of your decision and get paid each time the essential word is sent. For instance, “To download “Free Madness” by Terryg, send “frenzy” to 34567 for N100/SMS”. In the illustration, frenzy is your watchword and 34567 is your short code. Along  these  lines, for each SMS that is sent to your short code, you get a rate, contingent upon the GSM system it is sent from. This implies that your benefit expands relying upon the quantity of individuals that send messages to your short code and on the sum they are charged.

Whether wholesaler or retailer, the SMS short code business is beneficial. Pick the one suitable for you and watch your business boom.

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