5 Smallest Business Ideas That Many Entrepreneurs Overlook

Top Smallest Businesses To Start this Year

Every large and successful enterprise or organization is as a result of nurturing small business ideas. Every big business you see has its own starting point, they all started from a very small stage and with tremendous efforts, it becomes big.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged to start a business once you have the idea of the business you want to do. Once you are motivated to start a business and have adequate information and requirements of the business, then you should move on.

All you need to have a business is to have a very good strategy. Do not let any challenge stop you from achieving your goal even when you don’t have the required resources e.g. money. Failure is unavoidable in building a business but it should not be what will stop you from achieving your goals and objectives.

Every business idea has its own benefits most especially salaries and bonus. Once you have full knowledge of the business and have several strategies to achieve success, then you are on the right path to greatness.

There are several businesses you can embark on with little or no money some of which are listed below:

Online Shopping

It is also known as ‘e-shopping’, it is a business in which you can buy products using a web browser and sell them in several ways. There are web browsers that are specifically designed for online shopping. Once you buy the goods, then you create a website and upload the goods you have so that buyers can go through and select whatever they want.

You need to have full knowledge of online transactions and how things are sold using website. Then as the seller, you will find means to send the goods to the buyers. The main method used in sending the goods is shipping, they ship the goods to the various places the buyers are situated.


Blogging is the act of having a personal website that you update regularly by posting and sharing your expressions, feelings and thoughts with the whole world. This basically has to do with you creating your blog, posting several attention-catching write ups and also promoting products of several organizations, ensure that there is a mutual agreement between you and the organization so that you can be paid for your efforts in creating awareness of the organization. You just have to know the basic foundation of blogging and how to generate income from it.

When you want to start blogging, you need to have a website created mainly for blogging and also have good understanding of English language and writing. You can become a blogger(someone who blogs) if you have passion and interest in and also if you commit yourself to it.

Rendering Services to the Old

There are several situations where the family of the old ones are on the lookout for someone to take care of their old ones and the person will be paid for his or her services. This is a small business where you can start earning your income.

Some of the services rendered to the old person you have been employed for are: shopping, running errands, washing their clothes, preparing their meals, keeping them company, and other small chores.

Catering Services

This business is specifically for those who have knowledge and experience of baking, frying, steaming, and also can cook very well, you can also go for its training if you have interest in it. Catering services also include event decoration.

A person who can cook very well can open a shop and be selling to food to people in construction sites, organizations, hotels, police stations, court and so on. All you just need is to package your business very well.

Someone who can bake cake, chin chin, meat pie, chicken pie, sausage rolls and other snacks can be a caterer and will be hired to offer catering services at events such as weddings, naming ceremony, valedictory service, business meetings, conferences, and other major and special events.

At these type of events, the caterer will be in charge of preparing and delivering of foods and drinks. There are several ways of rendering catering services, you can render it with use of a car, truck, on ships or a shop.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can be offered in several homes, offices, dormitories, schools, courts, hospitals and other organizations. You will render your skills in cleaning to them in exchange for money. Some of the works under cleaning services are: cleaning of windows, arranging of books in the library(if there is any), washing, cooking and so on.

Before you go into any business, you need to evaluate the business so as not to be ignorant of the main facts of the business. Knowledge helps in avoiding many problems and crisis.

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