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This article will be paying special attention on the small engine repair business, with focus on how to write a small engine repair business plan. Why the special interest in this area of business you might ask?

It is to provide adequate guide for entrepreneurs interested in this line of business, but with little or no knowledge on how to properly write a good business plan.

With the step by step guide provided, it is strongly believed the entrepreneur can easily replicate the sample guide provided in drafting his/her own unique business plan that will effectively be used to chart the course of sustainable growth for the business.

This small engine repair business plan sample will be written under the following;

Sample Small Engine Repair Business Plan Template and Feasibility Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Revenue Sources
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Channels
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies

Executive Summary

Ted’s Engine Repair Shop is a small engine repair business to be located in Arkansas. This repair shop will be providing repair services (specifically focusing on small engines) to both individual and corporate clients.

Engaging in this line of business, we are driven by a determination to compete favourably with other participants within the small engine repair service industry. This is buoyed by a massive investment to ensure that our goals are met.

Also, we will be engaging the services of the very best of human resources within the services industry to ensure that our services are unrivalled. This will be supported by attractive remuneration packages to ensure that our entire workforce is adequately motivated.

Our Products and Services

We will be providing a wide range of small engine repairs for clients that include the repairs of small engines of different machine types, also we will be engaged in the sale of related machine parts plus the provision of refurbishing of old and worn out machines and parts.

Also, training will be provided by us to interested individuals or groups to become certified small engine technicians.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Ted’s Engine Repair Shop is to be among the 10 top tier small engine repair businesses in Arkansas within our first 5 years from the commencement of business operations. Also, we have the vision of being the customer’s top choice in small engine repair within the state of Arkansas, eventually spreading our services to cover more key states.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage our customers to ensure their total satisfaction by ensuring we have an efficient feedback system that easily tells us what the clients want, and to tell us what they feel about services provided and where improvements are necessary. We will be driven by utmost professionalism aimed at achieving the best client patronage.

Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage we have over other businesses offering similar services is our commitment to client satisfaction through a robust client feedback system, where clients will be given the opportunity of telling us how they feel about services provided, and if there are specific areas they feel can be improved upon.

Also, we will be hiring only the best professionals, with vast experience in the small engine repair service industry for our workforce. These professionals will bring in their wealth of experience that will make our business standout from the pack.

Target Market

Our target market will cover a wide range of small engine users; this is due to the fact that small engine users abound in almost every home or business. As such our target market will cover households, schools, hospitals, corporate offices, farms, ranches among a vast array of other places where the use of small engines is frequent.

Revenue Sources

Our sources of revenue will come mostly from all the services being provided by us. Hence, revenues will be generated from fees charged for trainings for new small engine technicians, the sale of refurbished small engines, servicing and repair of small engines and also the sale of small engine parts and accessories.

Sales Projection

With the services provided by us, and what is presently obtainable in the market, we have drawn out a three year sales projection that will see our revenue generating capacity increase considerably.

Arriving at these figures however discounts key unknown and unpredictable factors such as natural disasters and economic recession. Below is a brief chart that summarizes this information;

  • First Year $150,000
  • Second Year $250,000
  • Third Year $360,000

Payment Channels

We will be deploying payment channel options that give our esteemed clients the choice and freedom to choose any payment option of choice, thus eliminating the difficulty that comes with having limited payment options.

Some of these payment options include the acceptance cash payments, credit cards, and the use of POS machine for payments. Others include mobile banking and the acceptance of cheques among other payment options.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

We will be using a robust publicity platform to ensure we achieve the widest reach possible in creating awareness through the advertisement of our services to potential clients. Among the channels to be used are the use of the both the print and electronic media through the placement of paid adverts, printing of hand bills and fliers and also the use of social media channels to spread awareness.


This article has been written as a guide or sample for interested entrepreneurs interested in the small engine repair area of business. Following the guide provided, all the entrepreneur needs is a brainstorm session to bring out the realities for his/her business, while following the example laid out in this article.

It is strongly believed that he/she would produce a sound small engine repair business plan that will effectively impact his/her business at the end.

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