Video Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Video Marketing For Small Local Businesses: Powerful Tips, Ideas and Strategies

What are the best small business video marketing tips? Small business video marketing has been on a steady rise for decades and is gaining more ground per day. A simple way to define video marketing is using a video to promote or sell a concept, a brand or an offer.

Report has it that 38.2 billion videos were watched online between 2013 and 2014 which represent a 43 percent increase. Business marketers would recognize a huge opportunity in these statistics, hence the surge in video marketing for small businesses in recent times.

Integration of video in social media has caused a skyrocketing of online video viewing with Facebook reporting that its video viewership doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion views per day within a seven month period, and Twitter reports that videos and photos get the most re-tweets.

As a small business, utilizing the uniqueness and growing popularity and effectiveness of video marketing will give your business a cutting edge.

What are the Advantages of Small Business Video marketing?

• You can reach millions of people within a short time frame and at low financial cost. Your video could go viral and get millions of views in just a matter of days-this can work wonders for your business.

• Video appears to several senses using sound and images to evoke feeling and a better understanding, hence making the message to be passed across more effectively.

• It is affordable due to the availability of hardware such as cameras and editing suites which makes it possible for videos to be produced at cheap rates.

• Search engines favour content that have rich media such as videos, and this has a direct impact on search results.

Google for instance is continually adapting its search algorithms to satisfy user intent rather than just exact keyword match, hence, videos are featured among the top results in a search engine.

Below are the building blocks of a successful video production for a small business marketing campaign


The two most important questions you need to ask in building a marketing strategy for local business marketing are:

(a) Who is your target audience?
(b) What do want them to do?

These are the core questions in the development of a successful video marketing strategy and every action and decision should be centre around them. Under strategic planning for small business video marketing, you need to develop a distribution strategy, a creative strategy, and a production strategy.


Production of the video should only begin after the strategies outlined above have been developed. Failure to do this will be tantamount to putting the cart before the horse, hence, an ineffective video marketing campaign. There are three basic stages of production:

(a) Pre-production: Essential details like the cast, costumes and wardrobe, location, and other elements are sorted out in this phase. This is also where the creative development of the script and storyboard takes place.

(b) Production: This is the actual process of capturing the footage that will be used in the video. Cameras, lighting, and framing are also elements that should be taken care of at this stage of production.

(c) Post-production: This is the final phase of production that makes the video come alive. Voice-overs, music, graphics, and special effects are added at this stage. Colour correction and editing is also used for finishing. The production team also gets feedback from stakeholders before delivery of the final product.


If you make a video to market a product and it is not seen by your target audience, you have just succeeded in wasting time and resources. You should carefully plan your distribution strategy as this can make or mar the success of your marketing campaign. Where will you host the video? If you intend to engage the social media networks, which platform(s) will you use? Should you pay so as to gain more views?


Life is flexible and change constant, hence, things may not always go according to plan. You may have carried out a thorough research on your target audience only to discover that some things have changed between the time of production and distribution.

Bearing this in mind, provision should be made for testing, adapting and optimization throughout the marketing campaign. Begin with a performance goal and set your metrics based on that goal.

Evaluation and testing should be done based on the goal. Develop insights based on the results obtained, and optimize the video and distribution plan.

If you have a small business and you want to incorporate video marketing into your small business marketing campaign, below are some tips that will help.


1. Keep it Short

Keep your video length under the 2 minutes 30 seconds mark, especially as a beginner. You have to choose through a lot of good stuff and keep only what is necessary as most viewers have an attention span of between 2-2.5 minutes.

2. Provide Quality Content

Your video should solve problems and provide new information so as to engage your viewers and rank well in search engine algorithms.

3. Video Distribution Channels

Be smart about where you place your video. Will you place it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your own website or all of them? Carefully study the pros and cons of each option and decide which one best suits your marketing campaign.

4. Use Catchy Titles

Using creative and catchy titles does not apply to writing alone. You can maximize your chances of driving traffic from searches and engaging users by using a memorable and catchy title for your video.

5. Engage your Viewers

Use interactive elements such as quizzes, in-video links, a call to action, etc to engage your viewers and keep them interested.

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