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Sloths for Sale – Price of Two Toed Baby Sloth 

Do you know where to get a baby two toed sloth for sale cheap? Do you need info on sloth pet adoption or rent for a day? Sloths are animals that are native to the regions of South and Central America. One very unique characteristic of the animals is their ability to cling to trees with the long claws. These claws can sometimes be as long as 3 to 4 inches in length, this makes it most of the times difficult for the sloths to work on the ground and the reason why they spend most of their times in the trees.

Before you consider looking out for Sloths for Sale, it is important that you know that there are two types of these slow moving creatures.

  • The two toed sloths
  • The three toed sloths

These two types of sloths are quite similar, but the three toed sloths posses a mouth that is shaped in a smile like permanent look.


Can you get a sloth as a pet? Can you adopt a sloth? Do sloths bite people? How dangerous is a sloth? Owning an exotic pet is a practice that is quite flourishing all over the world. Most especially since the advent of the internet, which has given a lot of people the opportunity to buy just anything. It is quite surprising that a lot of people also want to buy a Sloth and you will see searches like where to buy a sloth on the internet.


This will depend on a whole lot of factors, which the most important will be the locality that you are. In every country, city and state, there are different laws guiding the ownership of animals.

BornFreeUSA is a portal where you can get information on whether it is legal to own some exotic pets in some parts of the USA. Although, checks on some states does not decide whether owning a sloth is either legal or illegal. So the best option is to put a call through to the local government agency to get information in this regard.


The two types of sloths are priced differently. The cost of a Sloth might be quite on the high side. This could range from about $1,000 to $4,000. The reason for the high price is just because sloths are not easy to capture in the wild. Another reason being that most exotic animals, just as the sloth are priced high in the market.

When you ask the question about the cost of a sloth. It is far beyond just the price you will be expected to pay at the point of purchase. There are a whole lot of factors that will determine the eventual cost to buy the sloth. Things you will need to put in place will be the cost of the simulated habitat for the sloth, diet and maintenance routines and other important factors that will determine the growth and healthy living of the sloth.


FOOD: Eating is considered the primary method through which living creatures survive and this is quite important in the survival of the sloth as well. You will need to put this cost into consideration when you are buying a sloth. Feeding a sloth can be quite expensive as their diet has to be carefully chosen. The best feed to give to sloths that will serve as an alternative to what they get in the wild is Mazuri High Fiber Sticks and this can cost as much as $35 for a 30kg pack. Sloths will also consume other types of diets such as carrots, low sugar foods, sweet potatoes and beans

HABITAT: In order for the sloth to survive in captivity, you will need to create a habitat or home that will look exactly like the wild where it is already used to. First thing you will need to consider is the available space and the aviary type of cage. This will cost you about $3,000 for the cage.

MAINTENANCE: Sloths need so much maintenance, especially in terms of feeding. You will also incur so much cost in taking care of them and sending them to the zoo for regular check up. A trip to the doctor might cost you as much as $100 per visit. This will include a complete check up of the animal’s health


In order for you to buy a sloth, you will be expected to have a processing permit. You might also be expected to pay some taxes according to your state regulation.

Insurance is another cost that you will need to consider. Most states across the United States will require that you get a Pet Insurance for your sloth. This will be of help when your pet comes up with a disease that will require you to take it to the vet. Although getting a refund of the entire amount may not be feasible, but getting insurance for your pet will make caring for it an easy one.

If you are to get Insurance for your Sloth pet, you will be expected to make a monthly payment to your insurer, which would definitely be broken down to your own convenience. This can be within the range of $20 to $40 per month.

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