6 Signs You’re Successful Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Signs You Are Successful Even If You Don’t Think You Are

What are the signs that you are successful even if it doesn’t feel like it? Success is one of the basic ingredients of living a fulfilling life.  Many people believe walking in purpose is the very key to living a fulfilling life.

While this is true, it is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. This is because, even if you are walking in your purpose and you are not achieving success with it, you will not be fulfilled.

However, many people don’t know how to measure their success. No matter what they do, they always feel that they are not successful and this makes them unfulfilled. Even though ironically, they might be achieving success from what they are doing.

How do you ensure you don’t find yourself in this kind of confusion? And if you are already in it, how do you get out of it? How do you know that you are successful even if it doesn’t feel like? Don’t worry trying to figure out the answers. This post was written to provide the answers, just read on.

You are Able to Control and Change your Thought.

One of the major signs that show if you are successful even if it doesn’t feel like is your ability to control and change your thought. The Holy Book says that as a man thinks in his heart so he is. If you think you can’t be successful, then you will not be successful.

But, if you are able to change your thought from thinking that you can’t to thinking that you can; if you are able to change your mindset from that of a loser to that of a winner, then you are already a success manifesting.

You are Able to Follow Through your daily Goals

Success cannot be achieved overnight. To be successful, there are processes you must follow through. Even if you haven’t achieved your desired goal, but you are ensuring that you are following through the required processes in achieving this goal, then you are successful.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight of 50kg, there is nothing you can do to make you achieve this goal within a day. But if you make sure you are exercising and eating healthy daily and consistently, over time you will achieve this goal.

The thing is that you did not become successful in achieving that goal when you eventually shed the 50kg weight; the success of that goal began when you started to daily do the things that will help you lose the weight.

You are Able to Maintain a Positive state of Mind

Positive mindedness is one of the secret of being successful. It is very rare to see negative people who are successful. Even if by luck they are able to become successful, the success will be truncated by their negative mindset.

This is because when you think negative, you will feel negative and this negative feeling will attract negative things into your life. And you will not be able to go far in the success journey if you are weighed down by loads of negativity.

On the other hand, if you are positive minded, you will feel positive and positive things will be attracted to your life. I don’t think that a person will have positive things in his life and not be successful.

You are Able to Embrace Failures and Mistakes

I don’t think there is any successful person who did have not failed or made any mistake in his life. Mistakes and failures are part of the success journey. And depending on how you embrace them, they serve as friend or foe to your success.

You are successful when you are able to embrace your failures and mistakes well and learn from them and become better by them rather than allowing them to discourage and draw you from achieving your goals.

You Believe in Yourself

To be successful, you must believe in yourself. This is because, no matter how much you desire to be successful, you will not achieve that success if you don’t believe that you deserve it and that you have the ability to achieve it.

So, if you a person of conviction and you believe in yourself then even if it doesn’t feel like, you are successful.

You Are in Control

In this life there are things we have control over and there are things we do not have control over. But what successful people do is they set their focus right. They don’t waste their energies trying to change what they have no control over. Rather, they focus on what is in their control that they can change. And in doing this, those things they have no control over fall in line to take them to where they want to be.

So, if you are in control of your life, then you are already a success.

Many times, it is the little things of life that counts the most. This is because; it is actually these little things that culminate into the big thing. So, if you are successful in the little things listed above, then it is sure you are going to be successful.

You cannot be successful with the processes and not achieve success as an end result.

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