How To Set Personal Development Goals And Objectives – And Achieve them

Steps to Setting Personal Development Goals

How to develop a personal development plan with objectives that are specific measurable
If you want more out of life, then you need to extend your reach. The best way to do that is to set some solid personal development goals, and then go out and achieve them. In this article, I will give you a five step process on how to find and set the goals that will shape your destiny and fulfill your ultimate purpose.

How to create a personal development plan template

1. Brainstorm.
Ask yourself this question — what would I do if I couldn’t fail? This will get you in the proper mind state to really hone in on a compelling goal.

2. Write down your answers.
Don’t censor your thoughts. Remember, you’re just creating a list of things you’d like to achieve if you knew there was nothing holding you back. Write for at least 5 minutes straight. If you get stuck, ask yourself more questions. What skills do you want to master? What character traits would you like to develop?

3. Set a time line for each goal.

Once you’ve written down all the things you’d like to achieve in life, go back and read through them again. This time set a deadline for each goal. Whether you think you can accomplish it or not is not important. Just make a note for how soon you’d like to achieve each goal. Make your goals in terms of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years.

4. Single out your one-year goals.
Go back and locate all the goals you’d like to achieve by next year. Find the one that excites you the most, and would give you the most amount of fulfillment if you achieved it. This is your goal!

5. Get leverage.
Take a few minutes to write down why you are dedicated to making this goal a reality. It will help you start working on the goal right away, and make you more committed to achieving the goal.

Mistakes People Make When Setting Personal Development Goals

Create individual personal development plan sample and examples

Almost every successful leader sets personal development goals. It is one of the most common traits among the high achievers in life. However, if you don’t do it properly, you may find yourself frustrated with your lack of results. In this article, I will discuss with you the most common mistakes people make when setting personal development goals.

1. They don’t brainstorm long enough.
Look, if your destiny was clear to you, you wouldn’t have to ponder what you want out of life — you’d already be going after it. For most people, it takes a bit of thinking before they truly discover their perfect goal. Set aside time just to think about what you want out of life first, before setting a goal. Don’t rush the process.

2. They limit themselves when setting goals.

It will be hard for you to find your most burning desire if you don’t even let yourself think of the possibility. When first setting down to brainstorm your goals, you have to lift your limiting beliefs. The best way to do that is to ask yourself this question — What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

3. They don’t create goals that excite and motivate them.

Goals are tough to achieve, because they are designed to stretch you out of your comfort zone. You’ll only make that stretch if the goal creates within you a burning desire. That is why it’s important to brainstorm until you discover one, and not limit yourself during the process.

4. They worry about how they will achieve their goals.

This worrying will stop them from even beginning the process! If you truly have created a goal that unlocks your deepest desires, then guess what — you’ll find a way to make it happen!

After you’ve came up with your goal, test it. Does this goal make you want to take action right now, to work toward achieving it? If so, you’re on the right path!

Personal Development Goals – Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people are aware of the power of personal development goals. However, few actually take the time to set them, and fewer still work toward achieving them. This is because there is confusion about how to properly set personal development goals. In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about goal setting.

How do I find my perfect goal?

You do it by brainstorming. Most people are not clear about what they want out of life. This is because they censor their thoughts with limiting beliefs. You need to lift those censors if you’re going to truly create a compelling goal.

What is the best way to brainstorm?
Simply write without limit. Ask yourself this question — what would I dare to dream if I knew I couldn’t fail? Then, take out a piece of paper and keep answering that question. Write for at least five minutes straight. Don’t worry about what you write down. The idea is to get a list of goals you find compelling.

What do I do if I get stuck?
If you get stuck during the brainstorming process, just ask yourself some more questions. What skills and attributes would you like to possess? Would you like to be a world famous hypnotist? A fearless leader? What is holding you back most in your life that you’d like to break free from? Keep writing until you’re convinced you’ve exhausted all ideas.

How to put together a personal development plan
Once you have generated your list, it’s time to go back and prioritize them and find your most compelling goal. First, go through each item on your list, and put a number by it — 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20. These numbers indicate how many years you’d like to achieve the goal by. Don’t worry if you don’t know how you will achieve the goal, just set a deadline for achieving it.

Then, go back and find all your one year goals. Locate the one that gets you the most excited, and compels you to want to act on it right away.

That is your goal!

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