Sephora Franchise Cost Price, Profit and Startup Opportunities


Sephora franchises originated in France and it is a cosmetics store that was founded in the year 1969. They offer a line of beauty products which include skincare, makeup, fragrance, nails and hair care. Sephora is a company under the luxury conglomerate LVMH. What the name Sephora means is the most beautiful wife of Moses and it is of Greek origin.

Are you into the beauty and cosmetics line of business and would love to diversify into a franchise of an established cosmetics company, then you might want to find out if Sephora sells franchise and how much is a Sephora Franchise?


The company was established in Paris in a partnership deal with Nouvelles Galeries and Boots PLC. They started as a perfume chain in 1970. And then in the year 1993, the line was bought by Dominique Mandonnaud, who thereafter merged the new company with his own perfume brand.

Dominique is responsible for creating the Sephora’s self-assisted service, which was a deviation from the normal practice and encourages customers to try out products while in the store before they eventually make a purchase.

The first United States’ Sephora store was opened in New York in 1998 and then in Canada in the year 2004. They have their North American Headquarters in San Francisco and they currently have about 360 stores across North America. It will be worthwhile information if you are enlightened about how many of these stores are Sephora Franchises. This will be revealed in the course of this article.


Sephora has a wide range of beauty products with more than 100 brands, which will include Make Up For Ever, NARS Cosmetics, Too Faced Cosmetics, Urban Decay Anastasis, Beverly Hills, First Aid Beauty, Sunday Riley Skincare and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

The company also has its own skincare, make-up, beauty tools and accessories. These products are packaged in the company’s flame logo in a standard black print.


This is a very important question and you will be surprised at how much a lot of people, especially beauty enthusiast, seek to know if Sephora is a Franchise. The company is involved in the sales and creation of different beauty products and their concept of service delivery has made them a choice outfit among women. Sephora is not a franchise, but they have perfected a great program for people that are willing to enter into a deal with them. This will be discussed in subsequent sections of this article.


As a beauty products enthusiasts and entrepreneur, you could be thrilled with the wide range of products offered by Sephora and then want to consider going into a franchisor-franchisee deal with the company. But what you need to understand is if Sephora does sell Franchise? It is quite disappointing that Sephora does not sell franchise at the moment. In fact, the company owns all the 1900 stores they have in about 29 countries of the world.

The only thing close to getting yourself acquainted with the Sephora concept is by working as an employee at Sephora. With the experience that you will gather over the years after you have been at different units of the company, you can then take that experience to start-up your own beauty and cosmetics products line.

This may not be exactly what Sephora has to offer, but at least you will giving out something similar to your customers. Most especially when you are able to incorporate the Sephora’s standard service delivery to their customers.


Since the company does not offer any form of franchise at the moment, it will be quite difficult to ascertain any cost of a Sephora Franchise or other additional costs that attach to owning a franchise of any business.


Since it has been established that Sephora does not sell any form of franchise, we might want to get information on any other business opportunity that the company offers. One of the ways that Sephora has devised to help women who want to establish their own cosmetics line is to create a training program that they called Sephora Accelerate.

Sephora Accelerate was initiated to assist women who have the dreams to start-up their own beauty and cosmetics companies.

The Accelerate programs starts with a 1-week duration boot camp. Business owners will get assistance creating their business model and plans for growth. Market analysis and strategies for funding will also be a part of the discourse.

Business owners will also be assisted with designs for their products and also get introduced to mentors who have a sound experience in the industry. Successful participants of these programs will be funded to the tune of $2500 and they will also have access to extra funding.

So what are you waiting for? If you have got that great beauty idea and want to leverage on the opportunity offered by Sephora, you have the opportunity of tapping in to the program and this could be the start of fulfilled future for you.

Even if the opportunity to buy a Sephora Franchise is not open yet, you can as well go ahead and make your dream come to reality.

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