Sensory Deprivation Tank Price and Locations

Sensory Deprivation Float Tank Principles, Benefits, Cost and Locations

What is a sensory deprivation tank used for? What is the average float tank price?

For Individuals with mentally hectic and demanding work conditions, there is a growing need to wind down, a desire to relieve stress as much as possible.

What does sensory deprivation do?

What is a float tank used for? A sensory deprivation tank is a great option for relieving stress and increasing mental power and alertness. Little wonder why this concept is receiving increasing attention both in the United States and the world over. Humanity has entered a phase where enormous mental energy is drawn upon to help solve the problems faced by man.

But there seems to be no break when doing this. This has resulted in stress being a common feature among people, leading to stress related ailments. The sensory deprivation tank has brought forth a ready solution to these needs and refreshes the mind in record time. An interesting feature of the sensory deprivation tank is that it is also used for the management of pains.

A Sensory Deprivation Tank’s Working Principles

You may want to ask, what is in a float tank? What is so unique about the sensory deprivation tank? Many!

Here is a sensory deprivation diy at home guide:

Before a person commences a session in the sensory deprivation tank, 10 inches of water is poured into the tank, and up to a 1000 pounds of Epsom salts is added to the water. This salt makes the water buoyant and significantly increases the up thrust in the water which makes the individual to float in the water.

An interesting feature of the floating tank is that only the sense of taste and smell are active. How? Because the water temperature is adjusted to body temperature, for sight, the tank is dark, because when closed, light is blocked out. This makes it impossible to see, hence the name sensory deprivation.

How the Body Benefits – Sensory Deprivation Experience

How often should you use a sensory deprivation tank? Here are some sensory deprivation tank benefits:

The weightless experience brought about by the addition of magnesium sulphate or Epsom salts brings tremendous benefits to the body. There is great calm and quiet experienced during the sessions. If there is a mineral the human body is deficient of, it would be magnesium sulphate. The benefits provided by this mineral are that it brings a calms the body tremendously, while enhancing the body’s healing capability.

The sensory deprivation tank has been in existence for quite some time, and undergone a lot of improvements, leading to its current developed state and ingenious applications.

Common Ailments Solved by the Sensory Deprivation Tank

What does sensory deprivation do to the body? The effects of the sensory deprivation tank are not only limited to body pain management and reduction of stress. There are other equally important benefits of using the sensory deprivation tank. These include cure or relief for conditions that include autism, an impressive healing speed for muscle strains, treats muscle disorders and inflammations, increases that relationship between an expectant mother and her unborn child, and several other benefits.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Price

How much is a float pod? What is the average sensory deprivation tank session cost per hour or per session?

Sensory deprivation tanks have been made to serve different purposes. The price of used floatation tank for sale is cheaper. These also have varying costs as explained by this section. We start with the Clinical Float Tank;

How much is a sensory deprivation tank?

  1. Clinical Float Tank

The clinical float tank is built to providing desired results, and has lesser technical knowledge to operate. The clinical float tank is mostly used for chiropractic sessions. The price of this sensory deprivation tanks costs $21,500 per unit. These float tanks find good use in sports clinics and other related places using it for clinical purposes.

  1. Commercial Float Tanks

The Commercial Float Tanks are built with high energy efficiency levels, and also designed for commercial use. This commercial float tank has a solution holding capacity of about 180 gallons. The price of this float tank ranges from $22,000 to $30,000.

  1. Residential Float Tank

The name says it all. This float tank is built only for residential use, and has a cost range starting from $16,500. It is tailored to fit into any bedroom space.

  1. Personal Float Tank

This sensory deprivation tank is similar to the residential float tank, however, it is designed for personal use and the design eliminates any bulky form, building it to fit the individual without taking up much room space. It has a starting price of $6,950.

These are all variations in design of the sensory deprivation tank, and have been made with certain specifications targeted at persons with unique needs.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Locations

Due to an ever increasing usage of the floatation technology, more sensory deprivation tank centres are opened on a daily basis across the world. There are several of such locations within the United States you can take advantage of. However, if your interest is locations outside the United States, you need not bother as there is an online directory that helps in the location of all the sensory deprivation centres both within the United States and beyond.

Simply visit for a comprehensive list of all sensory deprivation tank locations closest to you.

In concluding, sensory deprivation tank price and locations are a constant question among people in need of such services. This article provides a comprehensive answer to individuals interested in either owning these floating tanks, buying them for commercial use or just visiting these centers for a floating session. Whichever group you belong to, one thing is certain, you will benefit from the immense health benefits provided by this technology.

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