How To Sell On Konga Online Store

Guide To Selling Products On Konga E-commerce Store

Do you have products that you would love to sell online? Are you thinking of owning an e-commerce site but don’t have the cash to create one?, then you’ve come to the point where you can make a free choice to be a Konga member.

To be able to start business transaction on konga marketplace, here are cool options in which you can sell effectively on konga.

TAKE A STEP TO SIGN UP: One day I was chatting with an entrepreneur online in the field of selling electrical gadgets. I asked him how the business was going. He told me that sometimes and he would be in shop for hours in the day, hoping to see hundreds of customers rushing their way into his shop, but after he met his neighbour who introduced him to selling on Konga, he got a turn-around in his business by selling on konga.

Now, for you to start you will login into and create an account. You are to fill every available rows and columns in the sign up segments. In this, you are going to fill in your name, your email address, your phone number and your full bank details- basically for payments.

After this you will be verify and after successful verification, you’re just few steps away from selling on Konga.

CREATE YOUR SELLER HQ PLATFORM: If truly, you are aiming high as a seller, then you need to be attentive and conscious of the fact that creating your account alone can’t sort you out or make you a seller, you must be a participating and well recognised member and through this, you will be given the chance to open your seller hq platform- meant for sellers who have relevant and important product to display.

If you have successfully open this platform and you have become a true seller, then you are good to go, to make money out of your daily tight schedule.

SELL YOUR PRODUCTS: It is time for you to rock your world of online market with anything you feel like selling. Electronic gadgets like; heater, refrigeration, irons, fans, phones and accessories, clothes, books, beads and rings etc.

Now, you login into your account, go to your own page and you will have to upload the pictures of every of the products you will love to sell. After this, then you have a rest of mind to wait till the time buyers will rate it.

COMMISSION RATES: On konga, there is 2%-10% degree of interest, no matter the number, type, durability of your products. Konga is going to Deduct your business income and no matter the kind of business you are running, konga are the most trusted e-commerce network that beat the reach. Just make sure, your products are available and they are there to sort you out.

DROP OFF: Konga’s drop-off point is a place designed by konga which is quite offline. It is a place where demanded products are submitted for delivery. Now, if you’ve passed through the stage of cordial presentation and uploading of products and you eventually won the soul of buyers and they ordered for your products, then you must be sure that the price is a soothing one.

The only konga’s drop-off place and point in Nigeria is in Lagos. If probably, you want to deliver your products to people far away in distance place. Konga helps to ship the products no matter the place and location in Nigeria.

Now, package your products and step high to deliver it, you only need to provide seller ID and the other waybill no- the buyers address, you are not required to pay any amount. Trust them and your goods will be deliver as scheduled. You must note that the shipping and delivery will be handled by konga not another company, so konga holds any complaint and information.

PAYMENT TECHNIQUES: Konga e-commerce service is, “service before payments”. So you are to expect an alert on your phone after the specified time of delivering your products. Then you are good to go and so far your product will be deliver, just wait for your money to return.

But reverse is the case if your products doesn’t satisfy the buyer, there would be no money thereafter. So it is verify good to have with you quick and durable products, so as to avoid such disappointments.

ADVERTISEMENTS PATTERN: You as a seller on konga, you have the right and privilege to run advert with your daily sales. You are to fill a form online, and running an advert on konga cost about N7,500- N50,000 varying from the durability and reliability of your intended run-up.

Now if you are running any advert on konga, you must note that it only take place online through the use of online media like blogs, wikis, social networks, Facebook and the likes. So if you will love to publicize your product, that could be possible through the instrumentality of online media. As if you wholeheartedly do this, you will laugh last as your business is booming to reality.

In conclusion, good and high ranked products are the taste of every buyer so you must let them see the deal in you by providing the most accurate and trusted goods and if you can follow them strictly, you are a good and remarkable seller already.

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