Science Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Science Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you a science blogger and intend to diffuse scientific information in such a way that they would go on to inflate your blog readership? If you answer to that question in the affirmative, then guest posting is a viable pathway.

You see, the scientific village is one where collaborative efforts are made to promote awareness of non-scientific audience in issues of science; this is because science is the sculptor that shapes the world.

You can do this promotion of awareness by creatively posting science articles in foreign blogs as guest posts. Below are a good number of science blogs that accept guest posts:

Top Ranked Science Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Now known by the domain name, this blog was found by Anthony D’Onofrio. It focuses on unraveling the details of concepts in biology that might seem uncanny. Though initially it was concerned with sharing study guides on biology. You can contact Anthony via email at, for details regarding word length of posts he accepts; and of course, you get credits for your posts.

Wise men say “always look up at the sky”. Cosmo broadcasting is one blog that accept guest posts; more precisely, its science unit, Astroblog does. From regularly updated Stargazing calendars, through cosmology, and the physics of space explorations, the subject here go over a wide range.

A 500-700 words article would just do well, provided it possesses the quality to match other previous posts on the site. It should be organized, not plagiarized, and written in English. You obtain the benefits of exposing your article to a wide community of readers, more visitors to your own blog as you would have the advantage of attaching a link.

To be a contributor to, contact their editorial team and get a contributor account created via which you would get to post articles.

Derek Lowe takes his visitors from cures for Zika virus, to myths concerning Ethydium bromide, and to the new age of Organic synthesis. This blog entertains a vast number of scientific subjects cutting particularly across medical and chemical lines.

It’s a non-profit international scientific association that is focused on publishing powerful works of science and related news. You can become a reviewer by forwarding your CV and cover letter to the Journal’s editor.

Founded by Mihai Andrei, this blog accepts guest posts on large area of subjects from technological news to the discovery of distant cosmic bodies and the Zika containing Miami beach mosquitoes. As a contributor, you get the advantage of over 20,000 audience poer day. All you need is proficiency in English and in the area of science you are writing on. You can also reach him at and send him a message under the title “ZME contributor”. Photos are richly appreciated, while promotional links are strongly discouraged.

A blog dedicated to the transmission and substation engineers, Edvard accepts guest posts that are original plagiarism-free, and has at least a picture related to the content. You also get to attach a backlink to your site, and a short bio (with your photograph).

This blog publishes articles on subjects on LV, MV, HV equipment, and research papers on electrical engineering projects. To contribute, you would have to submit a contributor request.

Based on equipping amateur minds with the science of the day, this blog is concerned with subject like the Jupiter Auroras of the Hubble telescope, to the Greenland Shark, and the footwear of the future.

With unique and original articles, preferably between 700-1200 words, you stand the opportunity of hoisting your bio, as well as a link to your own blog from one of the biggest internet newspapers for kids. To contribute to this blog, you can email your article to

Considering subjects on topics as diverse as neural networks to the shrinking of mountains by global warming, this blog accepts guest posts, however only from students at UC Berkeley. To contribute, just send an email to

Article should be about 4-6 double-spaced pages of the font size of 12; and should have a word length of 2000 to 4000 words. Unnecessary posts like those on gossips are seriously unwelcomed.

This is a health blog that focuses on updating its readers with news and analysis in the health industry. Going from stress management, postpartum headaches, to healthy food for the lungs, it lavishes its over 100,000 readers with a wealth of information.

If you intend to post health articles as a guest, it should be built in originality with fine touches of uniqueness, and should as well be over 500 words long. You benefit from a backlink to your blog as long as its health related. It is important to be aware that promotional links are highly discouraged.

With over 100,000 visitors, this technology blog accepts guest posts, and ranks top 100 among its kind. Apart from the exposure to a large audience, posting in this blog renders the opportunity of advertising your blog via the link you are allowed in your brief bio.

Your article should be in the area of technology and gadgets, and should not be plagiarized. To submit articles, forward them to

With over 2 million views every month, this blog has established itself as one of the leading social media health platform on the web. This implies strongly that posts on this blog have the tendency of going as viral as the fires of harmattan bushes. Error-free articles of 500-1000 word length are preferred.

Aside from publishing your articles on, your post would also be syndicated on Twitter. Also authors never lose the rights to their articles irrespective of where it is published.

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