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100+ Sample Business Plan Templates To Start a Business

Writing a good business plan is dependent on several factors considered key to the growth of a business and also aids in charting a course for the future sustainability of this business venture eventually translating to profitability and stability. How many types of business plan exists? Do you know you can make good money writing business plans? What are some critical risks associated with a business plan?


What are Business Plan Templates/Samples?

A business plan template is usually in the form of a model for what a good business plan/sample should contain. A business succession plan template usually comes in open-ended formats to give users the opportunity of modifying these templates to suite their business purposes.

For example, users of a particular business plan template will certainly have different business ideas and interests they want to write a business plan for.

For instance, person A might want to use this particular template to write a business plan on a poultry business start-up, while person B might want to write a business plan on a liquor store business.

Whatever the business idea is, a template makes it easy for users to adopt by filling their unique plans into spaces already provided for that. It is therefore the perfect guide for users.

Importance and Uses of a Business Plan Template

What is the main purpose of writing a business plan? The importance of a business plan template cannot be overemphasized especially for businesses without one. Instead of having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to business experts to construct a good business plan for your business, templates come in handy in the sense that they eliminate all the technical and structural problems confronting most people having difficulties in writing a business plan.

It is a guide that provides a pre-amble to the contents that should follow, with additional instructions on what should be contained, hence aiding the writer to easily understand what to write through brainstorming on what is unique to his/her business.

A business plan template makes available the very best guidelines on how to write a comprehensive business plan, they are used to write convincing business plans that will attract investors and money lenders to invest in the business due to the well laid out structure of the business plan as provided by the business plan template.

How to Write a Business Plan Template

Business plan templates are non-conclusive, in other words, they are open ended. So in the event that you would like to write a business plan template, it should not be affiliated to a particular business type as it is a template to be used for all business.

There is an exception to this however; writers might want to write a business plan template for restaurant businesses, or other niches of particular interests to them. Hence, there are general template models for every type of business as well as templates for particular business niches, say ice cream shop business plan template or bakery business plan templates.

Whichever type you choose to write on, so long as it contains the general principles on how to write a well laid out business plan, it will certainly suffice.

Simple Business Plan Sample Outline/Format

Business plan templates or samples all follow a particular order. Although they might have their various compositions, these samples must follow a particular outline as failure to do so would result in a shabby work.

For example, when writing the executive summary, it cannot come last or at the bottom of the business plan, or the mission or vision statement coming first. The point here is that there are sequential arrangements of business plan sample contents to adequately guide users.

An example of a good business plan sample outline in order of arrangement includes the following sections;

– Executive Summary
– Company Descriptions
– Products and Services
– Marketing Plan
– Operational Plan
– Management and Organization
– Start-up Expenses and Capitalization
– Financial Plan and lastly 
– Appendices

Brief Explanation of the Above Sections

Executive Summary

Because this usually comes first, investors most times pay close attention to this area to find out if a business is worth investing into or not. Hence this section should be very captivating to the reader and should exude the enthusiasm of the business plan writer.

Company Descriptions

This contains the basic descriptions of your business highlighted through; the mission and vision statements, goals, your target market, you legal structure or ownership and the industry.

Products and Services

This section showcases the products and services on offer by the particular business and how these products and services solve particular needs. This is usually presented from the client’s point of view.

Also, it highlights the competitive advantages the business has over its competitors, and lastly the pricing structure of its products.

Marketing Plan

This section explains the modes of marketing of the business’ activities and products of this company to its customers or clients. It also highlights the target market for this business. Marketing research, the challenges or barriers to entry, and the threats and opportunities make up this section.

Operational Plan

The operational arena of this business venture is paramount here and covers such vital areas as production, quality control, location and the legal environment of the business. Also, the hired personnel, inventory, suppliers and the business’ credit policies are highlighted here.

Management and Organization

The organization of the management of such a business is provided, with the functions and duties of each position clearly spelt out. Also, the how the business will be organized around these offices is crucial for optimal performance.

Start-up Expenses and Capitalization

This aspect is crucial to business templates as investors are usually very interested in the contents of this particular section. It includes the start-up expenses, opening day balance sheet and the personal financial statements.

Financial Plan

This section should contain financial projections given at certain intervals such as in yearly intervals as the case may be. It should also contain a cash flow projection of the business, and a break-even calculation.


This includes other details not made available on the business plan due to the avoidance of cluttering, but which can be easily sourced by readers of the document for further clarifications.

Using a Business Plan Template to Develop Yours

Business plan templates are the easiest and most efficient way to develop a business plan unique to your needs. It saves costs that would have been incurred if written by a business plan expert.

Providing all the preambles to what should be contained within each section, it allows you to brainstorm on certain areas needed by your business, hence producing a business plan uniquely suited to your business needs and goals.




Developing a Business Plan that Attracts Funding

Business plan templates are the best approach to writing convincing business plans that will easily attract funding. Due to the nature of business plan templates, where they set the tone for what should follow, writers simply need to brainstorm on what suits the particular business they intend starting.

For each section, business plan templates provide adequate guidance on what those sections should contain, thereby, producing a very good business plan at the end that will impress investors.

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