Richest People In Nigeria – Wealthiest Nigerian Millionaires and Billionaires (Net Worth)

Top 10 Richest Persons In Nigeria – Richest Nigerian Business Men

Are you eager to know about the richest people in Nigeria and their net worth? Have you been asked this question but you can’t really say if your answer to the question was correct and you want to find out?

In this post, I decided to share with you the top 10 richest people in Nigeria and their net worth so you don’t get to guess any longer.

Interestingly, these richest people in Nigeria are those people that remain unshakable and undaunted despite the harsh economy terrain and various appalling business challenges they faced in the course of kick starting their business in Nigeria; though there exist countless numbers of them but the following successful entrepreneurs, though not exhaustive are ranked accordingly based on their estimated net worth by Forbes Magazine and Venture Africa as follows:


So what are the top 10 richest people in Nigeria doing different from you? What are the names of the top Nigerian billionaires and how did these wealthiest men in Nigeria acquire their fortune? In subsequent posts, I’m going to share with you some of the secrets of becoming one of Nigeria’s richest billionairesFor instance, what is Harry Akande net worth?

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Nigeria’s Richest People – Richest Nigerians Who Are Into Business
Not long ago, I published a list of the richest musicians in Nigeria and today I will be compiling a list of the top 10 richest people in Nigeria who are major in entrepreneurship. Politicians and people with untraceable wealth would be excluded from this post on the richest people in Nigeria and their worth.

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List Of The Richest People In Nigeria – Richest Men In Nigeria –
Nigeria’s Richest Billionaires And Their Net Worth

Most of the richest people in Nigeria find it difficult to make the Forbes Richest People In Nigeria list because Forbes estimate an individual’s worth based on the value of stock such person has in quoted companies available on the Stock Exchange. This list of the top 10 Nigeria’s richest people is not affiliated with Forbes and it contains wealthy people in Nigeria who are business owners.

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Below is a list of Nigeria’s richest men (entrepreneurs) and top richest people in Nigeria.

List Of The Richest Persons In Nigeria – Who in Nigeria is the Richest?

1. Alhaji Aliko Dangote – Dangote Group, (Manufacturing, oil & gas,)

Aliko Dangote is by far the richest man in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $21.6 Billion and $25.7 Billion according to Forbes Magazine and Venture Africa on the richest people in Nigeria.

He is also the richest man in Africa and he was ranked on the number 24th spot in the list of world richest in 2014 but as a result of the country economy crisis, he had dropped down to 67th.

Aliko Dangote is the Chairman and CEO of Dangote Group of companies; a group that extend its tentacles beyond Nigeria shores. Dangote has companies in other African countries like Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Togo and Zambia.

Dangote Group of Companies develop interest in the production of Flour, Sugar, Pasta etc. Its impact in the mining field, Steel and petroleum can never be over emphasized.

Aliko Dangote’s net worth: $15.8 billion

2. Mike Adenuga – Conoil, Globacom (Oil & gas, Banking, Telecom)

The second richest man as far as Nigeria is Mike Adenuga and he is also the 5th in Africa. His net worth is estimated to be $4.7 billion. Mike Adenuga is a business tycoon who amassed his wealth through the oil and gas industry and telecommunications sector.

He is the chairman of Con Oil plc and also owns the Nigeria second largest telecommunications company, Globacom limited, a mobile network company that is also operating in Benin Republic. Findings shows that his mobile network company is having over 24 million active users in Nigeria.

Mike Adenuga’s net worth: $4 Billion

3. Femi Otedola – Forte Oil and Gas (Oil & gas)

Otedola is the CEO of Zeno Oil plc and the controlling shareholder of the Forte Oil, with a whopping 78% stake. The company has its own gas and/or petrol stations with fuel storage depots.

The company also manufacture engine oils in its own line. Forte proclaimed in 2014 that Otedola shares rose due to their new investments in the power generation sector. He also has a great deal interest in the real estate business amongst other sectors. Otedola Net Worth is estimated to about $2.3 billion.

Femi Otedola’s net worth: $1 Billion

4. Orji Uzor Kalu – Slok Group (Aviation, Shipping, publishing, manufacturing)

Orji Uzor Kalu is the founder and CEO of SLOK Holding, New Telegraph and the Daily Sun newspapers in Nigeria, his estimated worth is $1.1 billion. He was the governor of Abia State, Nigeria for eight years- from May 29th, 1999 – May 29th, 2007.

Slok Holding plc is a company of annual revenue of $2.5 billion conglomerate with interests in banking, media, oil trading, shipping and manufacturing. He is the Director of First International Bank, a bank that has a several working branches throughout Gambia.

Orju Uzor Kalu’s net worth: $1 Billion

5. Cosmos Maduka – Coscharis Group (Automobile, manufacturing)

Cosmos Maduka’s net worth: $920 Million

6. Jimoh Ibrahim – Nicon Insurance, Global Fleet (Insurance, transportation, oil & gas)

Jimoh Ibrahim’s net worth: $900 Million

7. Jim Ovia – Zenith Bank, Visafone (Banking, Telecom)

He is the founder of the second largest financial institutions in Nigeria, Zenith bank which has its headquarter situated in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria. The Bank enlarge its coast to other countries like Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, Sierra Leone and United Kingdom.

Jim Ovia is said to worth an estimation of $850 million and $2.3 billion, these is according to Forbes Magazine and Ventures Africa respectively. Ovia have many properties across Nigeria which include five-star hotel, 150-bed Marriott in Lagos etc.

Jim Ovia’s net worth: $850 Million

8. Pascal Dozie – MTN Nigeria, Diamond Bank (Banking, Telecom)

Pascal Dozie’s net worth: $670 Million

9. Oba Otudeko – Honeywell Group Nigeria, Pivotal Engineering, Airtel (Manufacturing, oil & gas, telecom)

Oba Otudeko’s net worth: $550 Million

10. Alhaji Sayyu Dantata – MRS Group (Oil & gas, construction)

Alhaji Sayyu Dantata’s net worth: $400 Million. Aminu Dantata is also one of the richest Hausa business men in Nigeria.


Prince Arthur Eze

Arthur Eze who is also known as Ezenukpo. He is the founder and the Chairman of the Atlas Petroleum International Ltd. Prince Arthur has $5.7 Billion net worth according to Ventures Africa. Atlas is a West African oil and gas exploration company with nothing less than 36 oil acreage. In Africa, Atlas is the largest oil exploration blocks holder.

Atlas Petroleum shows equity together with working interests in different acreage throughout the Gulf of Guinea, with countries like Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mali, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal and Benin Republic.

Cletus M. Ibeto

Cletus M. Ibeto is another Nigeria businessman from Nnewi, Anambra state. He heads the Ibeto Group, the most patronize and largest business enterprise in the whole of Nnewi, a city of unique entrepreneurial spirit.

Ibeto Net Worth is valued at $3.7 Billion. His is into automobile spare parts business, cement production, hospitality, energy, real estate and petrochemicals. He also owns many hotels under Ibeto hospitality brand across Nigeria.

Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakija is the richest woman in Nigeria with net worth of $2.2 billion. In addition, she is the Africa second richest woman and the World black richest woman. She is a business mogul who develop interest in fashion, printing, oil and gas industries.

She is the general overseer of Rose of Sharon, Digital Reality Prints Ltd and Rose of Sharon Promotions Ltd. This Nigeria richest woman also held the office of the Vice Chairman at Famfa Oil Ltd.

Theophilus Danjuma

Theophilus is a Nigeria billionaire who started off the shore as a soldier in the Nigerian Army. Mr. Danjuma Net Worth is estimated to be $1.1 Billion by Forbes and $1.8 Billion to Ventures Africa. This Nigeria billionaire is the chairman of a Nigerian oil and gas upstream exploration and production known as South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO).

Tony Elumelu

Mr. Elumelu is the managing director and at the same time the Chief Executive Officer of United Bank of Africa (UBA). He has an estimated net worth of $1 Billion according to Forbes top richest Nigerian ranking and $1.6 Billion on Ventures Africa list.

He is one of the Africa intelligent businessmen and outstanding entrepreneurs, as a result of this he also held many boards in Nigeria. He is one of the top richest men in Nigeria, a big thanks to his varieties of investments, among others, controlling interest in Nigeria’s largest public trading conglomerate; Transcorp, a major stake in United Bank for Africa.

Also, he has wide range of real estate in many Nigeria cities; his is the director of Standard Global Services limited; chairman of the Standard Alliance Insurance, Flame oil and gas Ltd, Verticom Wireless as well as the STB capital markets.

However, the above personalities are without doubt the richest people in Nigeria. These Nigerian billionaires held their ground and maintain their stance to fight back to the top, as such making the cut of the top ten richest people in Nigeria. These are the top richest people in Nigeria for this year.

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