Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Strategies

Creative Restaurant Promotional Ideas

Restaurant businesses have become highly competitive across the world, with a lot of them innovating on newer ways to attract clients either through their range of services or in how they pamper customers. A large part of the growth witnessed in this industry can be attributed to marketing.

Effective marketing strategies have seen restaurant businesses attain enviable heights in the industry. It is necessary to state here that all marketing efforts and activities are channelled towards attracting clients. Hence in this article we present to you effective restaurant marketing ideas you can use to grow your restaurant business(s).

Having Local Online Presence

This is very crucial to how clients patronize your business. Whenever potential clients perform an online restaurant search, it pulls up a long list of results. The goal is to make your restaurant business show up in these results. For this to be possible, you will need to have your business listed in as many online directories as you can. This significantly increases the chances of being visible online, and contributes significantly to patronage.

Take your Business to High Pedestrian Traffic Areas

This is great way of spreading word about your restaurant business. One of the places which easily comes to mind when pedestrian traffic is mentioned is the grocery store. Yes! You should partner with the store owners to have your brand behind the grocery receipt as well as on shopping carts. This creates a consciousness about your services to shoppers and in no time, it eventually influences patronage.

Consider Using Loyalty Programs

This comes with partnership with online food apps which enable users to easily view your product listings as well  as showing  discounts for first time clients and also offering these discounts for existing clients who patronize your restaurants up to a certain number of times.

Take Advantage of Reviews

These are found in listing services such as yelp. Here, there are tons of visitors who visit daily in order to check out product reviews. To do this, you need to offer exceptional services to your clients to obtain favourable reviews. Once you have obtained several positive reviews, patronage is assured as customers will want to have a feel of your exceptional restaurant services.

Have a Google+ Account

Why is this important? Google is the most used search engine in the world, as such, setting up a Google+ account for your business takes advantage of the Google Knowledge Graph feature where business details are supplied at the side bar whenever people search for businesses. The information displayed by Google Knowledge Graph is mainly obtained from that supplied in your Google+ account. Hence while setting up a Google+ account, you need to provide as much information as you can.

Have an Email Newsletter for your Restaurant Business

This is necessary as it allows for greater knowledge on your range of services as well as new products. These email newsletters should be sent out periodically to your clients while also offering attractive discounts to encourage them to be more receptive to such newsletters and to keep them longing for more of these.

Closely Monitor and Respond to Reviews

Being actively involved in responding to customer reviews helps a lot in enabling your customers feel valued and your business a positive image. But how do you keep tabs of these reviews? Simply set up a Google alert for the restaurant name. This promptly alerts you whenever there is any review about your services or products.

Creating a Mobile App

This is a great restaurant marketing idea you can use to your advantage as it customizes your services where you get to offer clients the option of conveniently ordering your services straight from their mobile phones. Other innovative services such as loyalty programs can also be added to provide incentives to clients to patronize more frequently.

Exploit the Use of Social Media

This is an effective way of marketing that encourages sharing of experiences through pictures, images and stories among others. An effective social media channel to use is Instagram. You should encourage your customers to share their experience of your restaurant on Instagram. Because people take a lot of pictures when they visit restaurants, this creates a chain effect as their friends and families will like to also pay a visit.

Hold On to your Most Loyal Clients

This is an effective marketing strategy where you get to reward loyalty by offering discounts while encouraging them to also influence others to pay visit to your restaurant to experience your exceptional services. Potential clients are more likely to be influenced by loyal clients than by the business owner. This relationship should be adequately exploited to the benefit of both parties.

Consider Having a Blog

Apart from having social media presence, you can go a step further by having a blog and linking this with all your social media accounts where you share recipes, funny stories, interesting stories relating to your products and services as well as making the client feel important and needed. This creates a friendly atmosphere where customers can easily visit to read stories by clicking on links available on your social media channels.

These are some very effective restaurant marketing ideas you can use to significantly grow your business. These have proven effective and will continue to be effective. In addition, it is necessary to always be alert to trends within the industry. This may be about anything relating to your services. No matter what it is, you should be on the lookout to fully utilize every opportunity that may present itself.

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