3 Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunities That Give High Returns

Top Restaurant Franchise Opportunities: Low Cost Italian, Indian, Asian, Mexican, BBQ, SeaFood and Fresh Food Healthy Franchise Restaurants

Buying the right Franchise, as a business model, has achieved tremendous spread and success over the last few decades. This is because it has been tried, tested and modified to suit prevailing circumstances across different parts of the world.

Basically, the franchising model has achieved such success as a result of being tested across many platforms and because it commands a streamlined operational approach.

In fact a business survey conducted in the United States of America, for every 10 businesses, there is a franchising model in operation. Food Franchising businesses like Waffle House exist in a varied number of industries which includes the retail sector, the fast food industry and the services related markets.

The following best restaurant franchising opportunities present the best advantages and options when compared to other business structures. They are as follows:

1. Salad Works

Saladworks, with headquarters in the United States of America is the first and largest freshly mixed  salad franchise model, with presence in  100 locations across the USA. Saladworks offers consumers freshness in delicacies of America’s most popular Salads with vintage dressings, traditional soups along with sandwiches. The franchise’ salads are made per order, prepared on-location, and put together in the view of the customers.

The potential franchisee with Saladworks, will be teaming up with knowledgeable professionals who have a widespread experience in all facets of the restaurant industry, with an unrivalled business support system.

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The candidate will be exposed to all parts of the Saladworks franchise model, while she/he will be expected  to bring to the plate  determination, organizational and people skills, a driven work ethic, loads of positivity and a willingness to replicate Saladworks high operating standards.

Requirement for Saladworks Franchising

For the applicant, there is a commitment to establish as time progresses, at least 3 restaurants requiring disposable funds totaling $400,000 and a net personal worth of $1.5 million. A detailed financial plan will be requested and it must show the proposed plans and action to be taken in establishing the number of restaurants, agreed to in the contract. This financial plan must be exhaustive and must reflect the evidence of the availability of capital required to set up the franchise business.

The franchise fee is set at $30,000 per restaurant (3 unit minimum) with a 10-year initial term. There is an ongoing royalty remittance of 5 percent, and a marketing investment due to the general advert pool, of 3 percent.

2. Russo Coal fired Italian Kitchen

In downtown New York, Russo’s kitchen t Russo’s strives to create an atmosphere of love and conviviality between family members and friends at meal times. Russo’s is renowned for vintage and original Italian food, guaranteeing a glorious experience that makes customers return for a little more

The ingredients that make for a delectable eating experience at Russo’s Italian kitchen includes warmth, conversation, a sense of togetherness and a traditional Italian meal made with  freshly picked, natural ingredients.

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Each meal bears the unassailable mark of time tested cooking in the Italian tradition of warmth and welcome – from the preparation of individual recipe, to the effervescent welcome shown to customers to the understanding shown among staff and management.

Applicants for a Russo’s franchise location will be exposed to appreciate and master the skills required to prepare delicious and vintage Italian meal–every time.

Russo’s Franchise Requirement

  • Cash Investment required : 150,000 to 200,000 USD
  • Personal Net Worth: 550,000 – 1,000,000 USD
  • Franchise Payment: 35,500 – 49,500 USD
  • Total Investment  required: 450,000 – 1,400,000 USD

Russo’s Coal fired Kitchen franchisees can enjoy and partake of  market figures that include 1,160,583.16 USD in average annual gross sales backed up by   18.1%  average pre-tax cash flows.

3. Jimmy’s Egg Franchise.

An Egg-cellent Window of Opportunity

The Jimmy’s Egg Franchise Systems, LLC (Jimmy’s Egg) is part of the fast growing Breakfast and Lunch food service sector. With over three decades of impeccable management and operational structures, formidable brand identity and a loyal customer base, Jimmy’s Egg is a benchmark in the franchising business model.  On offer are sturdy economic indices and lower investment costs when compared to other franchises in the sector. Jimmy’s Egg is noted for the following advantages:

• Quality of Life – Restaurant operating hours are from 6am to 2pm, every day. This affords the franchise owner simplicity in business schedule as well as a better quality of life for management and employees.

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• A tested and tried Model The Jimmy’s Egg concept has operated since 1980. As a Jimmy’s Egg franchisee, access is granted to years of practical experience, laid on the foundation of enduring business methods.

• Low Entry Costs – High Potential – Unlike other franchise operations, Jim’S Eggs take into cognizance the financial wherewithal of the intending applicant, offering lower entry costs, with a higher potential for earnings and return on investment.

Excellent and Ongoing Support

Franchisees are assured that from the time they selected from the interview to site selection and commencement of operations, Jimmy’s Egg will enable access to structures and systems, in order for the franchise owner to hit the ground running.

Site Evaluation and Selection

Jimmy’s Egg management and franchise team will assist the franchisee with the site review, analysis and suggestions in order to maximize the gains that come with appropriately situating the franchise restaurant.


An in depth training program prepares the franchisee and his/her management team in the knitty-gritty of running a Jimmy’s Egg restaurant franchise.


Jimmy’s Eggs will make available to the franchisee support materials and resources including a grand opening tool ensemble, in-house  marketing and point-of-sale resources. The business owner can also leverage on our broader marketing structures to boost sales and generate revenue from his food franchise business.

Others include: Trader JoeWhataburger and Panda Express and Auntie Anne’s franchise.

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