Starting a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Interested in small restaurant business ideas? If YES, here is how to open a restaurant business in Nigeria with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Restaurant Business in Nigeria + Business Plan

Do you love cooking? Are you interested in starting your ownrestaurant business in Nigeria? Have you got that passion for good food and you are interested in opening an eatery business in Nigeria? Then read on because this article is all about Buka and fast food business in Nigeria.

Everyone loves good food. That fact is undeniable. No matter the condition of the economy, people must and would always eat. This is the reason restaurant business in Nigeria has always been and would always be highly profitable and fast growing.

Although highly profitable and rewarding, restaurant business in Nigeria is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work (especially at the beginning), dedication and determination to overcome whatever obstacles that may arise along the way.

However, this is not meant to daunt your efforts or interest in restaurant business in Nigeria, but to enable you avoid the mistakes most people make when embarking on restaurant business in Nigeria.

In order to properly understand restaurant business in Nigeria, it is important to understand the types of restaurant business in Nigeria.

Ranging from “mama put” to fast foods, there are different types of restaurant business in Nigeria.

1. Low Class Restaurants

These are the types locally referred to as ‘mama put’ or ‘bookers’ and is targeted at low income earners. Foods sold here are usually cheap and are mostly local dishes. Most times all it involves is a table with coolers of food on it with benches where customers sit to eat. In a low class restaurant, price of a meal could range ₦100 to ₦250.

2. Average Restaurants

This type of restaurant business in Nigeria is a step higher than the low class restaurants. It involves a room where customers can sit to eat, mostly characterized by plastic tables and chairs, a television, fan, and curtains. These type of restaurants are frequented by middle-class workers during lunch breaks.

3. Fast Food Restaurants

These types of restaurants sell food, snacks and drinks at comfortable places. Usually they serve both local and intercontinental dishes and prices of meals range from ₦1000 to ₦2000.

4. High Class Restaurants

These are reserved for the rich. They focus on not only providing great meals but also great service to customers. Food prices range from ₦10,000 and above.

Starting a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Here are some tips on starting a restaurant business in Nigeria

1. Get a Good Restaurant Business Plan

The first step to take in starting a restaurant business in Nigeria is a good business plan. Your business plan should include the type of restaurant business in Nigeria you intend going into, your goal, target market, budget and projections, your intended menu and pricing, and your marketing strategy.

Your business plan for your restaurant business in Nigeria has to be realistic so that investors would find it easier to invest in your restaurant business in Nigeria.

2. Location

Restaurant business in Nigeria is all about location. It is important to open your restaurant in a place where your target customers are. The type of restaurant business you decide to open would determine your location. Not every open space or a busy street is a right location for a restaurant.

You need to consider the nearby buildings of your desired location, is it close to a factory which releases offensive odours? Is there a restaurant already in that environment? Does the environment usually become waterlogged when it is rainy season? How neat is the environment? Is it easily accessible by customers?

Would there be parking space for customers? All these are factors that if they are not properly put in place could affect your restaurant business in Nigeria.

3. Get it All Set Up

Whatever type of restaurant business in Nigeria you decide to go into, it is important to make the best out of it. This involves good and comfortable sitting arrangement for customers, good hygiene and if possible a source of entertainment.

Getting the right utensils and accessories is also important. Some restaurants owners make the mistake of getting the wrong or inadequate utensils which usually leads to customer’s dissatisfaction.

4. Get the Right Cook

Another important factor to consider when starting your restaurant business in Nigeria is a great cook. Good food coupled with good customer service is what would keep customers coming back.
So, if you are not sure of your skills as a good cook, you could always employ someone or people with great experience to cook meals at your restaurant.

5. Prepare your Menu

This is also an important aspect of your restaurant business in Nigeria. What kind of food would be served at your restaurant? Are you serving local and/or intercontinental? Your menu should have a price list. Having a menu is one aspect of restaurant business in Nigeria that most restaurant owners ignore.

This usually leads to delay and unnecessary bargaining of customers which could also lead to other hassles and customers becoming unsatisfied with your service.

The restaurant business in Nigeria has been one business that has stayed on for so many years and so many have started and failed at it. It is therefore important to make yours stand out to help you stand the competition that arises everyday. How do you do that? You could apply the following strategies to your food business in Nigeria…

• Good customer service. Treat your customers like kings and queens
• Good hygiene
• Tasty meals
• Delivery service
• Discounts for regular customers
• Organize or host events
• Get personal with customers

Get all these in place and you are sure to make it big in your restaurant business in Nigeria.

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