What to Do To Remain Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up

7 Ways To Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up

Great dreams, enterprises, projects and structures are usually the products of an individual or group of individuals; who articulate a vision-mission statement and pursue the accomplishment of a dream.

Global companies such as Facebook, Apple Inc, Microsoft and numerous successful and thriving concerns, own their existence to the fortitude of the dreams and aspirations of founders, who usually go through great odds and overcome dire challenges, in order to succeed.

However, there will be periods when circumstances, both contrived and accidental, could pose serious obstacles to the realization of lofty dreams and visions. Such challenges could include financial constraints, policy changes by the government, ill-health, betrayal and a gamut of other factors.

At those times, the propensity to call it quits or throw in the towel is high. In order to forge ahead and continue with achieving one’s aims and objectives, the individual must remain focused and have loads of determination to pull through.

The following guidelines can help such an individual remain focused in those trying times:

1. Recall the Reason(s) You started in the First Place

To stay focus when you feel like giving up is to remember the reasons why you started in the first place. When the dreamer/innovator/inventor seems to be overwhelmed by the prevailing constraints, he or she can decide to step back and go back in time to the reason why he/she started out on that chosen path.

Such an activity will help clarify the purpose for the endeavour and it could also bring back the initial enthusiasm and drive that enveloped you, at the outset.

2. Step Back and Take a Break

To also stay focus when you feel like giving up is to step back and take a break from the task. This should not be misconstrued to mean giving up on one’s dreams. There are times when in the heat of the challenges and problems, that one must necessarily take a rest and view issues from outside the box.

This rest period usually replenishes lost energy and momentum and provides ample opportunity to clear one’s head, in order to think things through lucidly.

3. Take Concrete Action

If an in depth study is conducted to find out the reason for the rut and the feeling of wanting to quit, it could be determined that the individual in question has stay too long or has been inactive and indecisive.

Hence there has not been any positive action taken toward the furthering of a given goal or dream. It is important at this time, to go back to the template of action steps that had been conceived and begin to take measured determined steps toward achieving that vision.

It could mean meeting with that angel investor, even though you feel you may not obtain the funding, or getting to publish that piece of literature. Whatever it may be, such incremental action steps will help the author, entrepreneur and practically anybody begin to amass little victories or learn valuable lessons in failures along the way.

The overall aim, however, is to always maintain the momentum, by taking one step after another, in achieving one’s vision.

4. Assume a Stance of Gratitude

Individuals who complain about the insurmountability of the circumstances they are in, more often than not remain at the same spot or fix. At times it is important to be thankful for past and present achievements, no matter how small; and to also regard failures as temporary setbacks from which to learn valuable lessons.

Gratitude allows the individual put issues in perspective and to see the larger picture of his/her endeavour. Appreciate everything that you have achieved, tell friends about them and you will find that you will energize your readiness to receive a whole lot more.

5. Seek Advice and Mentorship

Feel like giving up? Then, go seek advice from your mentors. At those times when you seem to have lost grip of your purpose, it is often beneficial to step back a bit and search out pathfinders and trailblazers that have accomplished things in similar or even dissimilar fields.

The importance is in not only where such people are now, but also about the processes they employed in attaining such lofty heights. Schedule a lunch meeting with an admired achiever, in order to glean what steps he or she took in attaining their present status.

Get under the wings of a mentor and see how quickly you are able to turn their periods of adversity into learning and building blocks for your own journey.

6. Become a Practicing Optimist

The saying that that glass cup is either half-full or half-empty couldn’t be truer in this case. You must assume an upbeat but realistic stance about the chances of your endeavours succeeding.

You must understand that thoughts become things. Keeping an optimistic mindset not only safeguards your mental and physical well being, it also energizes and attracts more opportunities and assistance to your cause.

7. Recognize how much You have Accomplished

This will involve taking an inventory of all that you have accomplished and using that list as a springboard toward pushing further in achieving your goals, dreams and vision.

When you feel like dying, ever feel like giving up on your relationship, love life, marriage, career, job, dream, giving up on life, remember why you started.

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