Religion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of Religion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Do you know the power of guest post in your blogging life? Do you know that you can increase huge amount of traffic to your site with the power of guest posting without spending a dime?

The benefits of guest posting cannot be overemphasized because it gives you the leverage to reach out to new audience that would take years if you were to do it on your own. Apart from that, it also gives you a good online present mostly if that guest blogging site is well-optimized for SEO.

And even as a host blogger, the acceptance of guest posts favorably improves your SEO ranking; and in situations where a nicely sculpted piece of literary work is posted in your blog, one earns the currencies of blessed reputation.

There are tons of religion blogs that actually accept guest posts, but in this article we restrict ourselves to the top 10 religion blog that accept guest posts.



Founded by Trevor Lund, this is one of the best religion blogs that accept guest posts and focuses on sensational Christian posts that would potentially speak directly to as many readers as possible.

As a contributor, offers attractive incentives, for example highlighting really interesting articles in the past week when sending its weekly newsletters; thus creating a web of esteem in the reader’s impression of you as an author.

Also you get useful links channeled to your site. Originality and plagiarism are respectively encouraged and discouraged. You can find out more by checking’s submission page.


Developed by Pastor, Dr. Rick Warren, this blog is a confluence of Christian leaders. It stands to encourage and sharpen the spirits of church leaders with the foresight of these pastors being to adequately nourish their respective congregations.

This blog accepts guest blogging, however, you are strongly recommended to study the writing style of the blog; and then you can send an email indicating your interest in contributing to


This gentleman is one who is particularly receptive (though he wasn’t so welcoming initially) to guest posts on areas of productivity and personal growth, as well as leadership. These posts are traditionally of a word length of 500-800 words.

Once again originality is highly appreciated and plagiarism strongly prohibited. Michael also puts a literary appetizer to attract readers to your post. You can send him your posts at if you intend to be a contributor.


Is a blog centered on Islamic beliefs, as well as update its readers on news in areas of science, finance, faith, politics, and societies across the web, especially those activities that rippled out of the Islamic society. Here articles that would aid the understanding of Islam, its pillars, and quizzes. Islamcity accepts guest posts, but you must register first to post articles.


This blog has an objective to saturate individuals richly with the Christian faith, however based on the Catholic Church. They accept guest posts, and preferably articles of 800-1400 word length.

Plagiarism and originality are discouraged and encouraged respectively. Guest posts should be submitted as an attachment to You can look up their contact us page for more details.


This blog was founded by Karin Kloosterman 8 years ago. With articles from a vast array of diverse topics, greenprophet accepts articles on technology, eco news, and eco faith, concerning the Middle East.

It accepts guest posts, as news tips (which can be sent to, or by first contacting the editor himself at As expected, it is strongly discouraged that one should submit already published articles. A novel piece of writing is strongly encouraged on the contrary.


The blogger and author, J.D. Myers is willing to push your article and your name before a large pool of his readers. However, the requirement is that you must creatively and inspirationally dissect the scriptures to earn this reward.

He highly appreciates originality and posts that challenge the norms and conventions—busting scriptural myths that are indeed wrong. He recommends that in a situation of reworking a previous article, you create links for him to draw some comparing lines between the former and the latter.

Your post should range from 300-800 words in length; and information about submissions lie at his About Page. Note that sponsored posts are not accepted.


It’s a Chicago based Christian magazine whose current publisher and editor is John Buchanan. Critical thinking and Faithful living are what the blog intends to promote in Christians. This faith based blog accepts guest posts, for which you would have to send a query to

Your post must be original, bearing in mind the goal which is to clearly highlight the necessity of faith with emphasis on its role in secular cultures and down-trodden economies.

However there are policies to the acceptance of posts, on which you could fetch deeper details on their “submission” page.


Based in Lake Mary, Florida, United States, Charisma is a monthly Christian magazine whose editor is Marcus Yoars. Its objective is to reveal in-depth truths about the Christian faith, and how to know God better. The blog also takes part in sending monthly inspiration and encouragement to its subscribers. To be a contributor, you could reach via email. Be sure to be a good story teller.


Founded by Eddie Jones, this blog accepts guest posts, however only those of deep Christian roots. It features subjects that carry strong religious undertones, from faith and family to spirit and mind; and appreciates articles piercing the fabrics of reader’s mind and perhaps swallowing them up in the mild pool of realization.

It is encouraged that writers pray before putting the pen to the paper, and can submit their religion based guests posts at

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