Top 10 Regrets in Life By Those About to Die

Top 10 Life Regrets By Those Who are Dying

What are the biggest regrets in life by those on their deathbeds? Do you want to know the life regrets of people who have limited time to live on mother earth? But, let me ask you, “Are you living your life to the fullest?” “If you were rushed to the hospital and the doctor tells you that you will die in few days’ time, will you be happy with the life you have lived so far?” I live that for you to answer!

However, this piece shall marvelously explain the top 10 life regrets by those that are dying, in accordance with thorough research and survey. Once you made a mistake in the early stage of life correcting the error in the old age wouldn’t be funny, if at all it’s possible.

Therefore, read carefully these top 10 life regrets by those that are dying and if you are already a victim of any; don’t hesitate to right the wrong as soon as possible.

The Top 10 Regrets Of The Dying

Regret #1 Failure to Pursue Dreams and Aspirations as at When Due.

Among the life regrets realized by some individuals on their death beds was that timidity pave way for them, they were never strong, courageous and brave enough to chase and pursue their dreams and aspirations, instead, they settled for less.

Whenever they pinpoint at their lives back then, they tend to remember their unreached goals, dreams and aspirations. They are often disturbed and haunted by the rash, coward and imperfect decisions they made that had translated in return the mere lives they eventually ended up with.

My dear, while you’re still young and have numerous of years to live, endeavor to dedicate time to reaching out to your dreams. Start working and moving toward your aspirations and goals now; don’t procrastinate because tomorrow maybe too late.

Regret #2. Too Passionate about Work and Never care about the Family

Are you wondering at how come one will be dedicated to work and still regret it while dying on sick bed? It’s no lie nor magic; this is because such individual care much more about his or her work and neglect the family. Simple!

Excessive dedication and passion for work causes one to spend very little time with their loved and beloved ones. Most time, parents found in this type of scenario do missed out on the precious lives of their children, simply because they spent the best years of their life pursuing careers, goals and making money.

Regret #3. Isolation and Failure to keep Friends

At this point in time, the life regret those that are dying on their sick bed would be thinking about is why do they run away from their dear friend- they are tend to seriously miss their dear friends.

It’s not a difficult task to get lost totally in the daily hustle and grind that you wouldn’t remember to take proper care of your tight relationships. If intentionally, you don’t keep in touch, you are prone to lose contact with your dearly friends through the years.

Not long after the health and youth have waned, people become to realize what are valuable truly. Only then will their eyes open wide to find out that all their earnings, incomes and achievements are amount to nothing in the latter end. What is importantly matters to them in those last or few moments remains the people who are dearly to them.

Regret #4. Failure and Inability to Express Feelings and Love

At times, it may be hard to pronounce or tell someone that truly you love them, if you are the type that fear rejection- most especially. Nevertheless, the inability to express- sincerely -those feelings and love will only leave an unsettled mind need in you, and possibly, it may affect all your future relationships.

If what you fear is getting hurt, recall that it’s ideal and better to let your love be known than spending the best and rest of your priceless life dwelling on a thing that could have been.

The importance and usefulness of love becomes even more pronounced on the dying bed or towards the life end. At this time, tons of regret and unreturned of love will as well be more painful.

Regret #5. Failure to Express Yourself

If you value healthy relationships, honesty, confrontation and discipline are necessary. The common and main misconception about confronting one another is that it does creates division.

In real sense, if it’s done maturely, kindly and constructively, confrontation would deepen mutual understanding and respect. When negative emotions are being express properly, it thus allows you to forgo resentment, so you needn’t have to bear it for the rest of your life.

A several numbers of people decided not to confront anyone, even those who offended them, believing that confrontation would keep things evil. In reality, suppressing anger raises bitterness, which in turn leads to different diseases.

Harboring bitterness will also make you- if failed to expresses your mind- emotionally crippled and aids you against fulfilling your real and true potential.

Regret #6. Inability to Resolve Conflict and Move on with Life

Conflicts are for real, a part of our life; you can’t just avoid them, but you should be careful and never let your anger overpower you and last for a day. Choose deeply inside your heart to forgive. Right every wrongs that you can, while you are healthy, young and strong.

Regret #7. How I wish to have Children.

As people become age, they do and often feel alone and long for their sons and daughters company. Those who failed to or never had one often have regrets on their death bed about having no children or grandchildren to comfort and console them or inherit their set legacy.

Today, people see kids as hindrances or inconvenience to pursuing their goals. But don’t forget that your children will be there firmly to show you care and love when
you are weak and old. And also, everything you’ve worked hard for will be entrust to them when you are gone.

Regret #8. Failure to Save Enough Money for Retirement

Be mindful on how you spend! You need to be very careful so as not to spend lavishly on things you don’t need and thinking you need now; rather think farther on how to providing a reliable and comfortable life after retirement.

Failing to plan properly for retirement years will leave one destitute when old age comes. When this happens, their last few moments on the earth can be so difficult and miserable.

Regret #9. Not Being Truthful

There are some instances when things will have to be kept clean and hidden, but in reality, honesty is generally adoring and admired. If you don’t have the mind and courage to be sincere and truthful to others, you can just start to being honest and truthful to yourself. This is a great life regret by those who are dying, always speak truthful to have a peaceful ending.

Regret #10. Happiness is a Choice, How I wish to knew this earlier

People don’t know that they could choose to be always happy. It’s so easy and simple to fall victim of circumstances and at the same time guide yourself from going on with life. Make a choice and plan to live a happy life. Be unafraid of the weather, and fret not about what the rest think of you. Relax and learn to appreciate good things.

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