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If you are looking for a restaurant that specializes in serving only quality and fresh seafood, then look no further, the best stop is Red lobster. At Red Lobster, you are guaranteed to be served different varieties of fish, salads, seafood etc. You will also be delighted to have a taste of the restaurant’s wood fire grilled entrees on the menu.

When you also dine at Red Lobster, you stand the chance of being offered some special menu that is served at special times of the year. Before you decide to dine at this restaurant, it will be so nice to be acquainted with the Red Lobster Menu Prices. We will discuss extensively on that in the course of this article.


Red Lobster was established in the year 1968 by Charley Woodsby and Bill Darden. They opened their first restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. In the year 1970, the company was acquired by General Mills and from that time, it has expanded to different parts of the United States.

They expanded to Canada in the year 1983 where they opened their first international location. Today after so many years of establishment of the restaurant chain, they are still able to uphold their commitment to serving quality seafood and at the same time offer great services to their customers. Customers will choose Red Lobster over any other seafood restaurant close to them due to this wonderful experience.

They have about 700 locations spread across the United States and Canada. As at 2014, the company was owned by Golden Gate Capital. Red Lobster has continued to evolved in order to be able to meet the growing demand of their customers.


Eating at Red Lobster is one experience that you will want to have simply because of the highly nutritious food they have on offer. And it will also interest you to know that the restaurant takes caution in their nutritional guide. They have special menu for special people and since the focus of the chain is on natural foods, you are sure to be served the best organic seafood with less contaminants.


Ultimate Feast                                                 $30

Rock Lobster Tail                                           $35

Lobster Scampi                                               $24


Sweet Chili shrimp                                                                  $10

Mozzarella Cheeseticks                                                          $8

Buffalo wings                                                                         $10

Crispy Shrimp                                                                         $10

Seafood Mushrooms                                                               $9


Classic salad with Salmon                                                      $7.99

Classic Caesar Salad                                                               $7.99

Soup and Salad                                                                       $7.99


Red Lobster has a loyalty reward program for their numerous customers. There are no charges attached to this an members are set to receive exclusive discounts, updates, free food on special occasions such as their birthday, benefits of seafood. All that is needed to sign up for the loyalty program is an email and some few minutes to sign up.


One thing that Red Lobster takes very serious is information on their website. There ypu can get acquainted with the types of services they offer and nutritional information on their menu. If you will also like to know more information about the company, you can head to tjeir website and get informed. You can as well find the following information on the company’s website:


Eating healthy is quite beneficial to the health of a human being and everyone recognises that eating fish and seafood is one smart way to get good protein. Red Lobster has a ton of nutritional information of the meals on their menu on their website.

You will also get tips on how you can eat healthy anytime you eat out. Red Lobster also has information for their customers who have some kind of allergies to some food.


One thing that Red Lobster takes pride in is the quality seafood that they serve to their customers. One of the most famous meals at the restaurant is their grilled items that are prepared with special flavours. Apart from considering the menu prices at Red Lobster, you will be offered the best shrimp, lobsters, salmon, crabs and so many more seafood. You can find below a list of the meal on Red Lobster’s Menu that makes them so famous

  1. Lobster’s Lover Dream
  2. Dueling Lobster tails
  3. Steakhous Lobster Surf
  4. Langostino Lobster
  5. Roaster Lobster Bake


When you dine at Red Lobster, you can be rest assured that you are not only eating flavourful and delicious seafood, but also foods that are served with the best guarantee to be of the best quality. Even though the menu price at Red Lobster might be a little bit higher than other seafood restaurants, but it is worth it because you will only be served with the best catch.


Red Lobster has about 700 locations spread across the United States in Canada. They have a presence in almost every state in the US. You can always visit their website on to get information on all their locations that are close to you.

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