How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria With Naira Savings Account

Steps To Receive Payment From Adsense Directly In Your Naira Savings Account

Does Google Adsense accept Nigeria bank account? After Google Adsense included international wire transfer as payment options for Nigerians, many bloggers have been faced with the task of opening a domiciliary account in US Dollars ($). A popular question many Nigerian bloggers now ask is, ‘Can I receive payment from adsense in my normal bank account? Well this post is for those who can’t get the necessary referees, IDs and requirements to open a domiciliary (dorm) account. I will show you how you can withdraw your adsense earnings into your UBA, Zenith savings account.


I have cashed out adsense payment via a UBA savings acct while a fellow blogger also received his Google adsense earnings into his Zenith savings account. These are enough testimonies to confirm that Adsense now pays into most Nigerian banks’ savings account without the need to open a domiciliary account.

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However, it is important to note that you can’t receive adsense funds from international wire transfer in USD into a GT Bank savings account. GTB will allow you to use a dorm account domicile in US Dollars only.

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List Of Banks That Receive Adsense Payment In Naira Savings Account
The following banks would credit your savings account after converting the Dollars to Naira using the current exchange rate (as confirmed by me).

==> Access Bank Savings Account
==> Diamond Bank Savings Account
==> UBA Savings Account
==> Zenith Bank Savings Account

How To Add Your Savings Account to Receive Funds From Adsense
Linking your normal bank account to Google Adsense is simple. Just follow the steps listed below:

==> Sign into your adsense dashboard
==> Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.
==> Choose ‘Payments’ from the drop-down options.
==> Click on the gear icon located on the top right corner of the page.
==> Check the left sidebar and click on ‘Payment Settings’
==> Click ‘Add New Form Of Payment’
==> Choose Wire Transfer

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==> Type in your bank savings account details including the SWIFT-BIC.

What is the SWIFT Code for:
==> Access Bank – ABNGNGLA
==> Diamond Bank – DBLNNGLA
==> Eco Bank – ECOCNGLA
==> First Bank – FBNINGLA
==> Zenith Bank – ZEIBNGLA

Click HERE to check the list of SWIFT-BIC codes for all Banks In Nigeria.

I have already posted 4 banks that have been confirmed to receive adsense payment in their savings account. Kindly help build this list by dropping other banks that you have verified to have paid you via savings account.



The AdSense marketing program accounts for a large chunk of the revenues of technology giant Google Inc. Google AdSense is a program that permits bloggers and website owners to make money by showing Google advertisements on their web pages.

Simply put, Google keeps the largest share of the revenue earned and the blogger/website owner receives a small percentage. There are two ways to make earnings from AdSense:

Impressions – This refers to the number of page views of pages or posts with ads, which are visited.
Clicks – This is based on the number of visitors who click on the adverts.

To get started making money from AdSense, the blogger/website owner will have to sign up for an AdSense account and proceed further by add relevant code to the blog or website. The choice of how ads appear, where they show up, and even what kind of ads will be determined by the website owner/blogger.

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At a threshold of a minimum of 100 USD, Google will either send check or make a direct deposit/transfer into a registered bank account.

Requirements for Making Money from Google AdSense in Nigeria 

Many Nigerian blog and website owners are joining the train and earning revenues from Google AdSense. There are certain rules that must be observed, if one desires to earn revenues from Google AdSense in Nigeria. They include the following:

1. Create and Run an Adsense Account

Creating an AdSense Account is the basic step. An Adsense account runs and operates with a Gmail account; this enables the website owner/blogger have access to the AdSense feature on the Google suite.

2. Availability of Internet and A computer System.

The intending website owner/blogger must have access to the internet and possess a laptop or desktop system. This will permit the posting of articles and materials that can guarantee the needed traffic.

This is one of the most rudimentary requirements in the value chain. Access to the internet is a paramount condition to making the most out of one’s Adsense account in Nigeria. The website/blog owner must post content and other writings to the blog.

In addition, being online will permit the operator to be aware of recent events, updates as well as other relevant information that Google Adsense administrators distribute from time to time.

3. Original and Relevant Content and Posts

To make currency with the AdSense affiliate marketing program, the website owner/blogger must ensure that they post relevant and compelling content. This is important in order to attract the type of volume of traffic needed, in order to improve the chances of clicks being generated.

For the blogging community in Nigeria, there has been a steady embrace of the AdSense affiliate marketing program. The overriding concern amongst the writing community is how to receive
Adsense earnings direct to their savings account, devoid of extra bank charges.

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A number of banks offer the option of receiving Adsense earnings from Google on the 21st of every month. The banks are as follows:

1. Access Bank Savings
2. Zenith Bank Savings 
3. First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
4. Diamond Bank Savings

The first step toward receiving AdSense payment into a Nigerian bank savings account is to add one’s bank account to Adsense registration portal. The registration is easy to process and consists of the following steps:

1. Login to your Google Adsense Account.
2. Locate and click on Payment.
3. Click on payment settings and click on add new form of payment link.
4. Choose Wire transfer to bank account
5. Enter your bank account details taking note of the SWIFT-BIC.

The SWIFT code for Nigeria banks is important and serves as the identity mark for all international transactions that originate from abroad and terminate here in Nigeria.

Receiving AdSense payment via Diamond Bank Savings Account

The general perception is that Diamond Bank offers minimal stress and great leverage for bloggers/website owners seeking to withdraw the AdSense earnings from their savings account.
To enjoy this option, the Adsense user must open and operate a Diamond Bank SAVINGS EXTRA ACCOUNT.

The cost of opening is pegged at N5,000. The account is then set-up and you can now integrate savings account into your Google Adsense account. The integration is carried out in the following steps:

1. Go to your Adsense dashboard, click on the gear icon by the right
2.  Go over to payments 
3. Select  new payment method, 
4. Click bank transfer through bank account and then fill the form. Input the Diamond Bank SWIFT Code which is DBLNNGLA.

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