Reasons Blogging Can be Better than a Paid Job

Why Blogging Can be Better than a Paid Job

Almost everyone that has love for internet business want to start a blog and most of these people don’t even know how to make money from their blogs.

Blogging can do two things in your life; One, it can turn you into a millionaire. Two, it can turn you into a frustrated internet jerk.

Most people need an extra source of income aside their 9-5 job either online or offline so they can pay bills, and also have some money to enjoy what money can buy.

Blogging is that kind of job that can do that very well. There are many bloggers making money today just from their blogs. Today, blogging is paying the bills for so many people including me. So many bloggers has built houses, bought cars and has gotten married from their blogging earnings.

What are you still waiting for? Many others have quitted their 9-5 jobs to become a full-time blogger because it got to a point where their blogging earning exceeded their monthly salary.

If you are still on your 9-5 job and you are thinking of which other job to take so you can make more money, then here are 5 reasons why blogging can be a better paid job for you.

1. No Limit to Earnings

One special thing about blogging is that there is no limit to how much you can make monthly. This is one reason blogging can be better than a paid job. It is your input that determines your output.

Bloggers are making thousands of dollars weekly. Like they always say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, so, don’t think if you eventually start blogging today before two weeks’ time you will start making money.

Blogging is not a get rich quick business, it involves passion, dedication, persistence and sacrifice. You don’t just hit the gold that easy but if you are persistent enough, you can hit it quicker than you think.
You first have to invest financially in terms of content creation, template designs, domain buying and hosting, then learning the main thing which is getting traffic to your blog and how SEO works.

2. You Are Your Own Boss

Blogging can be better than most paid jobs because with blogging, nobody is supervising you to check if you are working or not. You blog when you like and where you like. You determine how much you intend making for that month, which means you write your own paycheck.

You are in control of your business which is better off where someone has to tell you when to come to work and when to go. Nobody tells you when to collect your paycheck, which is the most annoying thing.

3. You need a Particular Location

Unlike other offline jobs where you need an office before you can launch your business, with blogging you don’t need a specific location to work from. You can work from anywhere in the world as far there is an internet connection.

Your blog is your office and you don’t have to be online to be making your money. There are some blogs that I know very well that has been dormant. But their owners still receive payment notification.

You can blog from the comfort of your bedroom or kitchen. Maybe for instance war broke out in your country and you were forced to park out to another country, it doesn’t affect your blogging business because as far as wherever you are going to has an internet network, you keep making your money.

4. Multiple Streams of Income
I can say that this is the best reason why blogging is better than a paid job. With blogging, you have access to multiple streams of income.

There are so many ways one can make money blogging but I will share a few;

• Affiliate Marketing: You can make money as an affiliate marketer with your blog by helping merchant promoting their products, whenever a sale is made with your affiliate link you get a commission for it.

• Google Ads:
This is one popular way most bloggers are making money online. They try to drive heavy traffic to their blog which has Google ads displaying on it. Google pays them for page views and clicks on their advert. You must have lots of traffic to make money from this.

• Information Marketing: You can use your blog to sell information products like eBooks, videos, audios and coaching webinar. You must have seen it in most blogs and must have bought one of their products too. Many bloggers are have cash out 6 figures from this stream.

• Freelancing: Apart from running Google ads or selling products on your blog, you can use it to promote your online skills if you have any. If you are a good writer, graphic designer, coder, or digital marketer, your blog can be used as your advert board to get potential client to you.

5. Your Blog Can Make You Popular

Yes, with blogging you easily gain world popularity with time. You don’t need to win an award for someone to recognize you, your content can do the work.

You can get endorsement from big brand to work with them on a contract basis. Your readers can help share your post with their communities and before you know it, people are already calling you for interviews on your niche of blogging.

Now, you must have seen why blogging can be better than a paid job. I will not tell you whether you should start a blog or not. I know you will make the right decision.

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