10 Reasons Attitude is More Important Than IQ

Reasons Why Attitude is More Important Than Knowledge and Aptitude

Why is attitude so important in achieving success in business and in the workplace? Attitude is basically how you do in life while IQ is your intellect. Attitude is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Why is attitude important in life? Several researches have shown that attitude is more important than IQ in all aspects especially in becoming successful. For instance, an organization success depends totally on the attitude of employees in that organization and this is the reason why every organization is after employing people with good attitude and IQ, no organization will employ a very intelligent person that has bad attitude.

Attitude vs Intelligence
IQ is an important phenomenon for success in the society because it makes you calculate situations and make excellent decisions but attitude is more important because it is a criteria for good performance and achievement. The deciding factor of attitude is how you handle challenges and setbacks.

Why attitude is everything? It is not all those with high IQs that are successful but with the right and positive attitude, you are on the right track of success because such person will be willing to work hard and learn which discourages laziness and disinterest. A person with high IQ and laziness will not succeed.

Attitude is more important than IQ and there are reasons why it is so:


(1) Overcomer: Attitude helps you to be an overcomer who overcomes challenges, fears and anxiety, it makes you step up and take actions which do not happen when you have IQ with no attitude. It is not your IQ that will tell you to face your fears and challenges. Attitude help in handling challenging situations very well.

People with attitude understand that failure should not limit you, it should not stop you from trying again. They understand failure and mistake helps you to learn more but repeating same mistake all over again is not good.

(2) Give-up: Attitude stops you from giving up when you keep doing something that gives no
positive result. It is attitude that makes you to keep trying even harder than the last time until you achieve a satisfying result.

(3) Esteem: Attitude is what develops your esteem, the efforts you put into something determines your attitude because it determines our success and intelligence is not fixed.

(4) Flexibility: Attitude makes you more flexible, that is, you can blend in any situation regardless of how the situation is and being flexible is a very good thing which goes a long way in determining your success in life.

(5) Practical Mind: Attitude gives you a practical mind that makes you see challenges as opportunities to do good and also see every task positively, working diligently without complaining and so on.

It also makes you an innovative person, having the right attitude makes you believe in growth mindset and also make you approach things in a different way.

(6) Adaptability: Adaptability is a prerequisite for attitude and attitude is a prerequisite for success.
Attitude makes you adapt well in any environment and also make you dedicated to whatever you want to do. As a business person, attitude will make you adapt to whatever trend that comes up in the area of your business.

(7) Learning: It gives room for learning. Attitude makes you feel smart and perfect even though nobody is perfect when learning and also when you are trying new things.

(8) Solutions: Attitude makes you to be more creative, open and positive which greatly helps in solving problems that you encounter.

(9) Improvement: It makes you improve on your weak points, your relationships and also accept your shortcomings. People find it easier to come to you, give good suggestions because a person with attitude will not get easily offended while a person with IQ and no attitude knows nothing about anger.

(10) Passion: Attitude helps in knowing your true passion, to overlook distractions and know what your true passion is. It also helps you to overlook the feeling of helplessness especially when you are rejected at one point or the other. There are even times when there will be many rejections coming from all angles but attitude helps you overcome situations like that.

An intelligent person needs attitude to excel and be successful because you need to be hardworking, be able to learn from mistakes and have perseverance [which are all attitudes] in addition to your IQ to have excellent performance, you can even say that IQ is an inborn attitude.

There are some who have this fixed mindset that they are who they are and they cannot change, thus affects them in certain situations because they won’t be able to perform above the normal things that they handle.

Having a growing mindset is also an attitude and it enables you to face challenges and learn new things which make such person better than a person with higher IQ.

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