Real Estate Slogans – 15 Famous Examples For Marketing

Top 15 Catchy Real Estate Slogans Examples and Mottos

Catchy real estate slogans have lots of benefits. They will simply teach your customer what to think about you and your real estate business. On only do they teach your customers and clients what they think about your business, they also help in terms of giving insight on the tone of your brand.

Tips To Create Top Real Estate Slogans

Here are useful real estate mottos you should keep in mind when creating your own real estate slogans. You can use them as a real estate slogan generator.

1. Ensure You Keep It Short:

You need to look the shortest way to state your brand philosophy. After drafting, keep editing down some more. In fact, it is advisable you work toward less than seven words in that real estate advertising slogans.

2. Ensure You Make Sense:

To make sure it is being memorable, your marketing slogans for real estate should make sense with your brand identity. Take a look at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their slogan is ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’. Now, this makes sense simply because the restaurant promises food so delicious that you will want to savor it until it’s eventually gone.

3. Ensure You Offer Value:

Don’t just draft just anyhow slogan. No, don’t just bring out anyhow slogan. Ensure your slogan hint to what you and your brand will provide. You need focus on the customer (they are more important). Ensure you address their needs; ensure you address their fears; ensure you address their desires- all in your slogan. Yeah, ensure your marketing slogans for real estate offer value.

4. Match Brand Tone:

Take a look at Nike’s ‘Just do it’. It is said to works well for a brand motivated by discipline, exercise, and activity. Now, imagine that such realtor slogans are matched with an ice cream shop. Disaster? Take a clue.


Best Examples of Real Estate Slogans From The Pros

1. Make the right move (Revaluate).

Revaluate’s slogan is straight-forward and positive. The slogan will simply inspires action.

2. We pay your rent, guaranteed (Flatbook).

People love a guarantee (especially one that pays rent).

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder (Chris Leavitt).

4. Not Your Parents Real Estate Agents (PAHouseLink).

This funny real estate slogan is a twist. It definitely positions the brand as young and hip.

5. HomeZada, a digital home platform for the homeowner lifecycle (HomeZada).

Take a close look at HomeZada’s slogan. Can’t we say this slogan identifies both the brand and the customer?

6. Building your dreams a home (Prime Five Homes).

Looking at this slogan, we can see that it’s a shift on a popular phrase. This slogan definitely inspires customers and clients to fulfill their dreams.

7. Where is your living room? (Living Room Realty).

Do you notice how this slogan was drafted? Got a clue right? The slogan used a question. Thus, using a question in your slogan can help draw customers in.

8. Simple Home Staging Strategies Designed To Sell Your Home Fast (Tori Toth).

Tori Toth’s slogan is a nice one. The reason for saying this is that, the slogan is packed with information and action words. And one thing such can do is to attract customers.

9. We are all about Our Clients (Manhattan Boutique Real Estate).

Here is another superb real estate advertising slogans. It is a nice slogan that positions the brand as being customer-centric.

10. Helping you find home sweet home (The Windle Group).

In this slogan, The Windle Group (the brand) simply offers a clear promise. That promise is to help clients find their perfect home.

11. It’s Your City. Own It (Layson Realty Group).

This slogan is doing something. It’s speaking to first time home buyers. It also does something else. Want to guess? It capitalizes on city pride.

12. Brooklyn Born & Bred (Ideal Properties Group).

Ideal Properties Group’s slogan is good, simple and direct. The slogan indicates local knowledge and expertise.

13. Always Giving You, 10% CA$H BACK! (Antonella Talotta).

Antonella Talotta’s slogan can be described as being tactical. Look at it more closely again. You should now see good reasons i said it is tactical. Gaze at the ‘CASH’. Do you see something therein? See the dollar sign in ‘Cash’. It is an immediate draw.

14. Vacant properties become cared for homes that sell (Virtual Staging Properties).

In Virtual Staging Properties’ slogan, they give one a hint to what the brand does by making a promise on a well-lamented problem.

15. Homework is what I do best! (Jennifer Thompson Real Estate).

Isn’t this slogan surprising? Jennifer Thompson Real Estate’s slogan will make customers to know this brand is so intent on research and also information-sharing.

Some of these free real estate slogans and taglines can be used in for agents business cards, especially in the fall and some for advertising in a new year

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