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How much does chicken battery cage cost? Imported and local poultry battery cages can be fabricated in different designs depending on the type of production and the price.

Battery cages are a housing system used for various animal production methods, although basically for egg-laying fowls. The housing system consists of an arrangement of metal sheets in rows and columns, with similar cages linked up like battery cells, hence the name battery cage.

The cage is a popular item amongst poultry farmers all over the world, so much so that almost 100% of eggs produced in the US in 2014 were from battery cages.

Poultry business in Nigeria is one that is very lucrative, especially when festivities are approaching. However, the modern farmer must seek modern approaches to handling his farming. One such improvement in the aspect of bird farming is that of battery cages.


In this article, we consider how farmers in Nigeria can get a battery cage for themselves, as well as the considerations they should have in doing so. But before we go into all that, let us see the merits and demerits of the battery cage system.


  1. Minimal effort is used in tending for pullets.
  2. No such thing as Floor eggs
  3. It makes for the production of clean eggs
  4. Significantly drops culling levels
  5. Usually, using battery cages, more eggs are produced for every little feed spent.
  6. Battery cages reduce broodiness drastically.
  7. It is economical in the aspect of housing space
  8. Battery cages protect the fowls from parasites
  9. It drastically drops labor requirements
  10. It makes for easy control of epidemiology


  1. It makes dealing with manure a hectic task.
  2. Flies might be a problem to deal with.
  3. It might be capital intensive for some small farmers.
  4. The birds sometimes grow and develop weak bones, and so have to be sold at cheaper prices, cutting down on profit.

With some techniques however, you can solve some of the disadvantages. For instance, with a manure conveyor installed in your cage, you can get to solve the first and second problem of battery cages.

Types and Models of Battery Cages

Battery cages come in various structure and construction. They can be inclined so that the drops of manure can easily slide over to the base. There are also models that are constructed vertically, and trays are used to serve manure in the poultry; the trays are removed and cleaned subsequently.

You can make a choice based on your preference, although many persons are of the opinion that the straight cages save for space than the slanted ones.

In the cage, there are plastic feeders and drinkers that have adjustable hangers to suit the position of the chicks. There are poultry cages that are good for layers, broilers, and cockerels, as well as other types of birds.

Battery Cages can be fabricated as:

  • Single tier battery cages single sided designs
  • Single tier battery cages double sided designs
  • Two tier battery cages single sided designs
  • Two tier battery cages double sided designs
  • Three tier battery cages single sided designs
  • Three tier battery cages double sided designs
  • H Type Layer Chicken house (4 tiers and two rows)
  • A Type Layer Breeder Chicken house (2 tiers and three rows)

More diverse designs can also be customized to suit your needs. Some of the sizes in which you can find battery cages are:

  1. 4 feet (1.2m) length with two compartments
  2. 6 feet (1.8m) length with three compartments
  3. 8 feet (2.4m) length with 4 compartments

Each of the compartments is 400mm(Height) by 400mm(Breadth) by 600mm(Length). Although battery cages can be customized, it is advisable to split any lengths that exceed 8 feet into smaller chambers.

Where to Buy Battery Cages in Nigeria

For those who are in the poultry business, and intend to purchase a cage for themselves, there are a number of battery cage dealers in Nigeria they can choose to patronize. Below are a couple of them in various states in the country. You can get the latest price of poultry battery cage if you contact us directly.


They sell Hot Dip galvanized cage with capacity of 120 birds per unit, equipped with water accessories and fixtures for addition of manure, scrapper and optional feed cart. The cages are rust-free and have 25 years warranty. This particular battery cage is sold for N150, 000. Also available are Electro-Galvanized Deluxe cages that cost N96, 000.

To get extra info about this organization, you can visit farmergaint.org, farmergiant.info, or their online shop at farmermartng.com. You can contact them via 08182537352/09094538737 or send them an email at farmergiant@gmail.com. Their address is 56 Shasha road, Akowonjo, Lagos.


They sell various fashions of battery cages as well. Possibly as they are open to negotiations, they give out financial information when you contact them via 08096061802/08034730895 or email them at olusamdel@yahoo.com. They address is No. 7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye, sango, Ogun Sate.


This dealer specializes in making of different kinds of battery cages and has a webbed network of distribution chains across Nigeria, although the company’s major factory is based in China. More information about the cages and products they have can be gotten from their website chrisfarmnigeria.com. They can also be reached via 08032861326/08051270981, or you can as well choose to send them an email at chrisfarmnigeria@gmail.com.


This company is focused completely on stores that cater for agricultural needs such as battery cages. With address at No. 239 Muritala Muhammed way, Benin city, Edo state, this firm also does battery cage fabrication. One of the agents, Lucky Omoregbe, of the company can be reached for further details via 08055633044/07025926074.


This company specializes in the manufacture of battery cages in Ogun state. To put through a request for a cage, you can reach Mr. Lawal at 08074077493 or 07068039648. The address is No. 7, Oke-owa, ijebu-ode, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.


This is another firm specialized in the construction and sale of battery cages in south-eatern Nigeria. Their address is at No. 45 Murtala Mohammed Highway, Akpabuyo in Cross-River state. Yu can easily reach their agent Callistus Akosim for your cage via 08056391811.


Poultrytech is a key dealer in any poultry technology of which battery cages are no exceptions. This company is based in Morontan street Ibadan, Ibadan central, in Oyo state, Nigeria. You can easily reach Shittu, their agent, on the following lines: 08175857586 or 07031368742. So if you are in the south western state, why not wire them through?

How to Choose A Suitable Battery Cage For Your Poultry?

Choosing what battery cage system to use can be as simple as it is to make a mistake. There are a number of factors you would have to consider in order to ascertain exactly what type of cage is suitable for your needs. First you must answer the questions: Why am I in the poultry business? Usually there are two common answers to this question—either for meat or for the eggs.

Fortunately, there are batter cages fabricated specifically for such purposes. Like the broiler cage is meant for keeping birds that you intend to grow really fat and possess a good deal of meat, whereas the Layer cages are designed with provisions made for eggs to easily drop and not crack. So if you are cut out for the eggs, the Layer cage becomes a more viable option than the broiler cage.

We also have the Parent stock cages for those who intend to rear the fowls for sale. This cage enables the birds mate with ease, making for rapid increase in the bird population which is good for business.

There is no need to emphasize that the success of your poultry business might easily depend on the cage you choose so it is not a trivial affair at all. Do your studies well and choose the suitable cage for your poultry, and you would have yourself to thank for it in no time.

 Single tier battery cages single sided
           Single tier  battery cages double sided
           Two tier  battery cages single sided
           Two tier  battery cages double sided
           Three tiers  battery cages single sided
           Three tiers  battery cages double sided


Tiers more than three can be provided with either elevated platform or movable stand to allow attendant to reach to the higher tiers

Battery cages can be slanted to allow for drops of manure directly to the floor

Battery cages can also be straight, vertical design whereby manures are dropped in trays, which are removed and cleaned; this allows more cages in the poultry than the slanted type.

To reduce the burden of cleaning, conveyors can be installed in place of tray, which are easily cleaned at the ends.

For those who intend to sell or make use of the manures on farms, Drying means can also be provided in form of air supply directly on to the wastes, getting rid of odor and drying them at the same time, this could be applied on trays or conveyors.

Position of feeder and drinkers on the battery cages can be adjusted to suit growing chicks.

Poultry Battery Cages can be for LAYERS, BROILERS, COCKERELS and other types of birds.

Poultry Battery Cages are provided in the following sizes:
4 feet (1.2 m) length with 2 compartments
6 feet (1.8 m) length with 3 compartments
8 feet (2.4 m) length with 4 compartments

Each compartment is 400mm(H) x 400mm(D) x 600mm(L).

Custom sizes of battery cages can be built to suit space provided, but it is advisable that lengths more than eight feet be split into two or more unit to prevent sagging due to birds weight at the middle. Eggs roll out easily from the battery cages for collection.

Drinkers and feeders for the battery cages are made of plastic with adjustable hangers.

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