How Much Does a Portable Storage Unit Cost?


Are you in the need of some storage space? Here are some average temporary residential storage containers rental rates.

Do you need a convenient way to move items from a particular location to another? You have the option of choosing a Portable Storage Unit.

Portable Storage Unit can also be called mobile storage units and since their introduction into the commerce industry, they have changed the way merchandise are being stored. There is no longer the need to pack truckload of merchandise and other items to and fro a storage facility or an off the site warehouse. Portable Storage Units will do the job right for you at the specific location you want them installed.

In the course of this article, we will look into the cost of a Portable Storage Unit and the advantages of these units and where to buy Portable Storage Units.


Portable Storage Unit are utilised for both commercial and personal use. They can be stored in the home or at the office ground or at any secured off site location. You can also ship Portable Storage Unit across the country or even to other countries of the world. Often times, they are used for either long term of short term storages and they come in a variety of different size.


  1. THE MILITARY & GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: There are numerous ways the military and the government utilise Portable Storage Unit. The military most especially find them handy when they need to move military equipment to their bases across the world.
  2. SHIPPING FREIGHTS: This is the most common use of the Portable Storage Unit. It is the medium of storage recognized by buyers of cargo.
  3. EXTRA OFFICE SPACE: in a situation whereby your business has outgrown its current space, a Portable Storage Unit will come in handy. You can utilise the unit as an extra storage compartment for office utilities or even use it as an additional office space to accommodate more staff.
  4. HOME OFFICE: If you have a small business that you run from home, you can as well utilise a Portable Storage Unit as an office space to avoid distraction in the home and getting things clumsy.


One of the most common benefits of a Portable Storage Unit is the liberty to transport over a long distance. All that is needed to be done is the portable storage dropped off in the driveway, load it up with your items or merchandise and then have the transport company move it for you.


Portable Storage Unit comes in different sizes and the cost will vary according to the size of the storage unit. A 20 feet Portable Storage Unit will cost an average of $1000 to about $4,500, while a 40 feet storage will cost between $3,000 and $7,000. It is very much possible to get discount if you buy these storage units in bulk.

In a situation whereby you want a customized Portable Storage Unit, you might need to budget extra funds. Some organizations will prefer a refrigerated storage unit, while others will prefer it to have shelves installed in it. The cost of customizing a Portable Storage Unit is usually between $50 to $100 per hour, this is exclusive of the cost of the materials needed for customization.


It is possible to rent a Portable Storage Unit if you don’t have the need to keep one. There are lot of businesses that rent out Portable Storage Units and you can get this ranging from $200 to about $600 for one month. Although the Portable Storage Unit rental cost will also depend on the size of the unit.

No matter which of the option you have chosen, delivery of the Portable Storage Unit will cost an additional $100 to about $400 depending on the distance of the rental company to the location that you want the storage unit installed. So it is advisable to choose from a rental company close to your location.

You should also note that some vendors have maximum travel limit, so it is recommended that you ask them how far they can go to deliver your Portable Storage Unit.


If you have the need for a Portable Storage Unit, you can decide to check in the local business pages for addresses of possible vendors within your local area to buy from. But before you lay down your cash, it is advisable for you to go on an onsite inspection of the facility to see if it is intact without any defect or leakage that might cause damage to the items you intend to store.

You can also decide to buy a Portable Storage Unit off the internet. There are so many online vendors that offer the item for sale. You can purchase right off eBay:

ContainerAlliance also has one of the best Portable storage Units available. Their storage units come in different sizes and colours and they will deliver to any location across the United States. Check the out via:

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