Politics Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Politics Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting in the sphere of politics has a ubiquity that would be difficult to emphasize, as politics entails rapid information dissemination and quick updates on the breaking news of the day. And of course, most of these posts would offer the chance of linking your post back to your own blog, thus creating for you a justified avenue to spread readers with other blogs.

However, bloggers who utilize blog posting should see beyond the veils of their blog popularization into the unified village of quality information dissemination.

If you are a blogger managing a politics blog, the sites below are top 10 pleasurable blogs you can conveniently post articles in:

Top Ranked Political Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

1) Thediplomat.com
Based in Tokyo, Japan, this is an online international news magazine that accepts guest posts spanning the subjects of politics, culture, and society in the Asia-Pacific region. The articles must be in the range of 400-800 words, however 1000 words is generally ideal for feature articles.

Your article should be attached as a word document, with acknowledgements and citations duly made. You should state explicitly if payments are expected, and discuss such affair beforehand with the editor.

2) 8Asians.com
With the objectives of posting issues that affect the Asian society from politics to pop culture, this blog is a product of the collaborative efforts of Asian Americans and Asian Canadians. This blog accepts guest posts, however, articles whose images are properly linked, and whose titles are SEO friendly.

Word length of post should not exceed 500 words (or 3000 characters). You can visit, if you intend to be a contributor, then submit a guest post entry of the 8Asians.com blog and reach the editors.

3) BlogActiv.eu
Developed by EurActiv, this blog is largely focused on affairs in which Europe is involved. Stretching over subjects from global refugee issues to Spain’s third elections, and even to a polish group documenting their cycling journey across Europe.

This blog is governed by principles among which are: do not preach hatred or racism in your articles, respect reader’s right to disagree, do not pick fights. They encourage a reaction from you towards comments, and appropriate usage of citations. You should have adding value to your readers in mind, and be as communicative as possible.

4) Venturesafrica.com
Uzodimma updates her readers via this online platform, with news, analysis, and conversations that concerns African businesses, policies, finances, innovativeness, and economies. When you think Africa, this is the blog. This blog accepts guest posts and promotes story sharing. Any such articles intended for publication should be forwarded to info@ventures-africa.com. It is important that you leave your posts within the confines of African issues locally and in diaspora.

5) Activistpost.com
Going from activism, to war, to economic issues, and liberties, this blog accepts guest posts. Having total visits of over 800 million, it should be an avenue to showcase quality articles. Just be within the atmosphere of the permitted niches, and give consent for probable editorial touches (limited to typos and factual errors) to your post. Submit your posts to submissions@activistpost.com.

6) Liberalconspiracy.org
This is UK’s foremost left-of-center politics blog. With editor Sunny Hundal, LC covers news, opinion, activism, analysis, and strategy. Targeting political audience, you should make your article be of about 600 words length, and should not have been published on LC previously.

7) IVN.us
Independent Voter Network is a news platform for independent writers covering subjects from campaigns, civil rights, electoral reform, economy, public safety, etc. With over 4 million weekly readers, this blog has an established reputation, with strong SEO optimization. It accepts posts from guest authors, however you would have to fill out a few questions to do so.

8) Blogcritics.org
Founded in 2002 by Eric Olsen and Phillip Winn, this blog is a network and online magazine focused on news and opinion. It features as much as 100 articles every week from topics of TV to gaming to culture, society, and politics. Contact the editorial staff at blogcritics.org, and commence posting your articles.

9) 247ureports.com
This is a Nigerian based blog that covers all the politics news from legislature, to executive, and judiciary. To be a contributor, you should submit original, error-free articles, which are well articulated to 247ureports@gmail.com.

10) WomenOnBusiness.com
The Leadership blogs of womenonbusiness.com covers issues on Career building, Women’s leadership exchange, The Leader’s digest, and advice on leadership and parenting. This blog currently accepts guest posts, and a link to your blog in 2-3 sentences accompanying the brief bio you would situate at the foot of your post.

In as much as posting on this blog is not to be seen as a link advertising chance, uniqueness and originality must be advertised in your article. You can check the “submit a guest post” page on this blog for further inquiries and submission.

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