How Much is a Polaroid Camera?

Polaroid Camera Cost – Average Prices for Different Models

Instant cameras are getting back to trend as of old times. And no other brand is delighted to be a part of this trend other than Polaroid, who once dominated the camera industry. If your question is “how much is a Polaroid camera?” You are not alone as a lot of people want answers to same question. The answer to the question however depends on the type of Polaroid camera that you are actually referring to.

In this article, we will discuss on the price of Polaroid cameras and also give detailed information on where to buy Polaroid cameras.


Before getting information on how much you will pay for a Polaroid Camera, you will need to make a decision on the type of Polaroid Camera you will like to buy. The bulk of the Polaroid Cameras in the market are Spectra, SX 70 and Polaroid 600. Although there are new ones in the market now, but the SLRs are the most expensive of all.

The SLR cameras are known to snap the best pictures and also the most expensive. The inventor of the Polaroid Camera did an intricate job on the SLR and made so many improvements on the previous editions of the Polaroid Camera. delivers more detailed information on the Polaroid Camera and how it at a time was the real deal among photographers and fun seekers.


The SLRs have been selling for as much as $100 even from the days when they were just created. SLRs cameras have lustrous metal parts and real leathers and also the plastic models are made of high quality materials. They are even reported to sell for as high as $1,000. A lot of people consider SLRs as vintage cameras that are worth collecting, hence the reason for the high price of the Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid One Step can be purchased within the range of $125 and $400 if it is still in a new condition. A used one can be bought for as little as $20. The Polaroid Sun 600 will also sell for about $150 for the new one. You can purchase the used one for as little as $10

The cameras can be purchased on some websites at different prices. A buyer might also be lucky to get one at a garage sale or thrift store.


The value of Polaroid Camera declined after 2008 when a lot of people get more awareness about the usefulness of digital cameras as well as sophisticated mobile phones to make their instant snapshots.

With no new film in production, owners of Polaroid Camera were so eager to sell whatever stock they have remaining of the item. It swiftly became a piece of plastic occupying space. However just as the years go by and the Impossible Project got more popular, owners of the camera began to realize how valuable the Polaroid Camera is and then the demand for the item began to be on the increase again.

Some of the stores that were selling the camera for just a few dollars now began to sell as much as $100.

Although what this indicated was that the cost of the Polaroid Camera is the value the seller attached to it. The people that have much knowledge about the Impossible Project will sell off a camera at a higher price than an individual who has the impression that Polaroid Camera do not exist anymore.


The condition of the Polaroid camera will determine its value: having the original documents, packaging will definitely shoot up the value of the Polaroid. It doesn’t even matter if the camera is working; it will be considered valuable to collectors and interior designers who are ready to put in more money on the item to add to their collection


Now that you have been informed about the prices of the cameras and the new perceived value of the item, you might want to know where to buy the Polaroid Camera at the best prices. Fortunately, there are lots of places that you can get the item to buy. offers one of the best prices for the cameras.

You can also get to buy the cameras in shopping malls if you will prefer to have a feel of the item before parting with your cash. Depending on the city that you are resident in, there is a high chance that Polaroid cameras are available in a store near you


Before you decide to buy the Polaroid Camera from anyone, it is well advisable to check out for the current rate on eBay or any other portal that offers the camera for sale. The sites are an excellent media to check the average price and value of the camera. You can then make a decision on where to buy and the type of camera that you are buying.

If adequate research is not made before purchase, it is very much likely for you to pay so much more than the real market value for the camera you are buying.

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