Pinterest Marketing Myths You Must Have Heard About

Common Marketing Myths About Pinterest

It is generally a shrewd fact that the use of visuals in marketing stuffs online is one of vehement ubiquity. Research conducted has indicated that the employment of visuals can exponentially increase the views of such contents by 95%! That’s amazing.

However, in spite of this trend, many marketers have not and are not intending to adopt this approach in order to strike the best spots in the business sphere.

Encounters with fellow entrepreneurs in my sojourn through marketing have established in my awareness a number of “do’s” and “don’ts” upheld by a lot of marketers that really ought not to be so. They precisely are myths; that play costly on the marketing potentials of these individuals.

Some of these myths are associated with Pinterest, and 5 of them are described below:

There’s not Much Traffic with Pinterest

Many entrepreneurs have the feeling that Pinterest have not got the engines to drive huge traffic, after all how many users does it have in your immediate neighborhood? They seem to be right. But, it would interest you to know that in terms of traffic referrer, studies have shown that Pinterest ranks number two among all social media channels, the first being Facebook.

In fact, it is fivefold more of a referrer than every other social media channel, including twitter. So who does better in this regard? That seems to me like “Myth busted”.

Women Issues Are Priority on Pinterest

There is a growing misconception that only issues that pertain exclusively to women really trend on Pinterest. But how valid could such a notion be indeed? In fact, to solve issues of this nature, Pinterest, in 2014, included the guided search procedure that displayed search results influenced by the gender of the user.

This is actually in bid to increase its male users; this they achieved as the percentage of male users rose drastically by a whopping 70%, and in fact, the rate at which new male users subscribe to the channel far exceeds that of females. So what do you think? Currently female users might exceed the male users, but the pins associated exclusively to men still actively trend on Pinterest.

It’s too Expensive to Create Visuals

Most marketers attribute their reasons for not adopting the use of visuals to the difficulty in creating it, or the cost required. You begin to imagine what gave them that impression, despite all the information available at their finger-tips; some on the other part are satisfied with the technique they use when blogging.

No doubt, it requires some little technicalities on your part in learning tools like Pixlr and Buffer Pablo for editing visuals with ease. The experienced content marketer would easily recognize that the creation of visual contents really isn’t a herculean task to carry out, neither does it take ages.

Smart fellows utilize the strategy of including a visual header to each blog post giving such posts the extra opportunities it needs of being channels like Google Plus and Pinterest; even quite easily you could reduce the complexity by creating a template whose background color you would only have to change when adding a header.

The rule practice makes perfection works here to the letter. With all the ideas and tools at your disposal, creating visuals indeed doesn’t have to seem difficult or expensive.

My Domain is not Pinterest-Friendly

Most persons conceive of the misconception that Pinterest is meant only for feminine crafts like food, arts, and women. Indeed, they might not be utterly wrong, as these niches truly take a large chunk of the channel; however, there are some other niches on Pinterest that are performing outstandingly.

It is interesting to note that niches such as real estate and automobiles also trend impressively on Pinterest. One thing is certain, Pinterest’s audience continues to grow; never make assumptions concerning the potential impact of participation rather than make assumptions.

Pinterest is Time Consuming

On the contrary, Pinterest is by far among the social media networks that require minimal time to manage. Participation in the channel a couple minutes a day has proven to be sufficient for the operation of Pinterest.

Pins that are trending stand a high chance of getting re-pinned for weeks after they were initially shared; reducing the necessity to log in for a long time. However, consistency is not discouraged. Pinterest serves the function of arranging properly files that are useful, aside from the purpose of advertisements and web-traffic that it serves. It also serves the function of regularly updating me of interesting blog posts and data.

It is important to emphasize at this point that Pinterest is not accurately describable as a social network, in the sense that people do not chat, send or receive messages as in conventional social media channels do.

In Pinterest, you are only getting stuffs pinned. At least, its crystal clear that Pinterest is not a channel to be feared for risk of time wastage.

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