Phrases Intelligent People Never Use in Conversation

Common Phrases Smart People Never Use in Daily Conversation

There are words that smart intelligent people never and will never use during a conversation no matter the situation. Do you consider yourself a smart person? Have you at one time use phrases that after which you felt bad but did not know what word to use in replacing the exact phrase you use?

Whether on a social gathering or online chat room, smart people think before they say a word. I know we have all said things that people interpreted as been insulted but you did not see it that way.

It is easy to use phrases that can offend people in today’s world but it takes the smart ones to be able to never use some words in conversation. Smart people know that the key to good communication is to always think before you talk and avoid any use of bad phrases that may slip in during conversation.

Many of us do fail at this and end up saying words that land us in hot water. Take a look at these 7 phrases that smart people never use in conversation so you can also try to avoid them.

1. All I Know Is

Starting a conversation with “all I know is” may make the person that you are having the conversation with feel that you don’t care or the matter at hand doesn’t concern you.

It also makes the listener think you don’t know anything else. This is the reason smart people avoid this phrase during conversation.

You can replace the phrase with “Here is the fact as I see them”. It sounds better this way.

2. You look Tired

You might not mean any harm but telling someone “you look really tired” means the person has problem concentrating, the person is weak, look worn out and many other things you may not even think of.

Instead of saying that, smart people will say, “Is everything okay?” This phrase tells the person that you care and wish to offer help if possible. Always avoid assumption phrases.

3. Wow, You’ve lost a ton of Weight

You may take this as a good compliment to a person who is fat because you just want the person to feel happy. Smart people don’t use such phrase.

Telling someone that they have lost a ton of weight is indirectly meaning that the person look very fat before. Instead of using phrase that makes it look like you are comparing what the person look like before to what the person look like now, you can better say, “You look fantastic”.

4. It is What It Is

“It is what it is” is one phrase smart people never use in conversation. Using this phrase in a sentence means that the person has no choice but to accept or deal with the situation at hand whether or not they like it.

When you say such phrase you are being look to like a lazy person who just want to accept things like they are or who can’t voice an opinion.

Smart people will better say, “That is what I was told” than say the former phrase. By saying this, it makes it look like it is the tradition of the place or how they operate.

5. I Never liked him/her Anyway

Smart people never use phrases like, “I never liked him/her anyway” in conversation. It is never wise to use such phrase on someone no matter what happened. You may have a good reason why you used it but it is not a smart phrase. It means you don’t approve your friend opinion or judgment.

Whether your friend says anything in reply of the statement, have it in mind that they will always remember what you said.

Smart people know how to use another more condolence phrase like, “I believe there is someone who deserves you better”.

6. I’m Sorry that You are Upset

This is one phrase smart people never use in conversation. And it is one phrase most people always use as a way of showing you they are sorry for what they did. Instead of taking accountability for your action, you should better apologize for your actions.

Smart people uses phrase like, “I apologize for upsetting you” to replace, “I’m sorry that you are upset”. Learn phrases of smart people and you will be smart.

7. You look great for your Age

This is another harsh phrase that may seem flawless but are never use in conversation by smart people. The phrase, “for your age” does not seem right at all.

It is better you said, “You look great”. It removes the qualification from your comment and instantly makes it a genuine compliment.

In conclusion, smart people are highly aware of how they use certain phrases in conversation. Just take few minutes of your time to learn how to avoid these phrases explained in this post.

It will help you build stronger relationship and win you more friends in the future.

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