8 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Professional Photographers

Creative Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers

Are you interested in If you are a photographer in search of how you can market your service effectively, this post is for you? Photography is a very lucrative profession and also very competitive. Your success as a professional photographer will have a lot to do with your ability to market yourself and your business to potential customers successfully.

Marketing is very important for a professional photographer especially when the person is just starting out in his/her professional career.

There are quite a number of unique marketing ideas that a professional photographer can practice to make him/her standout and succeed as a professional. How do I market myself as a photographer? Do you know how to get photography clients fast?

Are you looking for effective photography advertising wording?

Some of the most successful marketing ideas that a professional photographer can work with are:

Step 1: Have a Strong Social Media Presence
Social media is not just there for you to socialize with friends and family, it is also there for business. The social media is a great marketing tool to leverage on as a professional photographer. Have a professional social media account separate from your personal accounts where you will be uploading and updating your ideas and showcasing your work to your potential clients and customers. As a professional photographer, you are supposed to be active on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook as these sites are mainly for photo sharing. Take this practice as a crucial part of your business so as to attract a strong social media following and encourage your social media followers to share your updates in their circle.

Step 2: Adopt a Co-Marketing Strategy
The co-marketing idea involves partnering with other businesses and professionals in other fields of life to market your professional photography services. The idea is to find professionals and businesses where your customers and target market spend a good part of their time and money and whose business is not in competition with your photography business. As a professional photographer, a good place to look at will be restaurants, car shops, gyms, and schools. Reach out to your potential partners and pitch your co-marketing idea to them.

Step 3: Get Featured in Publications
This idea works so well. As a professional photographer, part of your marketing strategy should include the “featured” idea. This idea works this way, get in touch with magazines, blogs, newspapers and other publications in your photography niche, do a story for them where you also get to upload some of your collections and expect some calls from potential clients. The only difficulty with this idea is getting the publications to accept your story.

Step 4: Run Fan Campaigns and Contests
This is another marketing idea for professional photographers. You can take advantage of your social media followings and fan base to run campaigns and contests for your fans and followers on social media. These campaigns and contests will help you increase your social media presence and following by offering prizes and giveaways to your social media fans who tag and share your posts and updates for a specific number of times to people in their networks.

Step 5: Create Printed Catalogues of Your Work
Even though a lot of photography is offered digitally today, print photography still offers the best feel for your photography. As a professional photographer, you can create a printed catalog of your photography works. When networking or meeting up with customers and potential clients, you can always go along with your catalogs or brochures for showing to potential customers. The effect of this would be lasting in their minds.

Step 6: Attend Networking Events
You can attend industry events and functions where you can meet with professionals from different works of life. While going, go with your well-designed business card in hand which you can pass to fellow attendees at these networking events.

Step 7: Have a Look at Charities
This idea could be your contribution to charity but it is also a contribution to your career as a professional photographer. Call up and reach out to charities you support or intend to support to offer them free photography services for their upcoming events. At these events, you prepare to meet with sponsors and donors of these charities who will take note of your excellent photography and decide to engage you in other paid events in their network. Remember, the success of this idea depends on your ability to do an excellent job. Charities offer good networking opportunities.

Step 8: Maintain a Customer Book or Database
As your photography business grows, and you offer your services to your customers, create and maintain a database of all your customers and clients who have used your services. You will need to leverage this database to run different marketing campaigns to reward them for their patronage and remind them of your services and availability for present and future engagements.

The marketing ideas for professional photographers discussed here were designed by professional and well-respected marketing experts and have been used and practiced successfully by known and respected professional photographers. These marketing ideas can be done side by side with whatever marketing programs and activities you have running at the moment if you are an already practicing professional photographer. It is important not only to read these marketing ideas but to put them to work and watch as your photography business grows.

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