Phone Charging Business In Nigeria

Make Money Recharging Mobile Phone Batteries

Numerous business opportunities exist in Nigeria, with many thriving on the faults in the system and inefficiency of the government. The lack of constant power supply to be able to keep phones and gadgets online for the purpose of communication has opened a new investment opportunity for those looking in this direction. Pathetic flooding of the Nigerian market with substandard Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Techno, Gionee, Iphone, Ipad, batteries as also helped this business expand.

How to start up charging of phone business

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List Of Items Needed For Phone Charging Business
Generator and Bulb: Buy a Himex or Tiger small generator that would be a source of power for recharging. A bulb is needed so that you can set your generator when the current is too high or too low. It is advisable to employ the services of a generator technician who will help you save you generator thereby reducing the rate of fuel consumption per time.

Fuel: You will need between 4-5 litres of petrol to run the generator for the shifts in the day. A saved generator should give you a minimum of 2hrs power supply for every litre of petrol. There is need to get to get an estimate of how much fuel your generator consumes so you can make adequate preparation ahead of time. As at the time of this post, a litre of petrol goes for N97 in most major cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Calabar, Portharcout, Kano and Enugu) so it is safe to say you will be spending N400-N500 on fuel daily.

Shop/Kiosk: A strategically located shop or kiosk will give a wider exposure to your business. If you cannot afford a container shop, wooden kiosks like those used for phone business centre will do. If there is enough space and traffic in front of your house, you can use the place. All you need is to ensure adequate roofing to shield the generator and phones from sunlight and rainfall.

Tags: To prevent someone who dropped a Nokia 3310 to charge from coming to collect Samsung S5, there is need for your to tag the phones as you receive them to prevent a mix-up. Each phone owner will be given a pass that corresponds with the tag on his/her phone(s) so people do not end up taking another person’s phone.

Wires And Charging board: A wooden platform with electric sockets installed in series can be used as a charging board. This is where you plug phone chargers and battery desktop chargers when customers bring them. The electric sockets should be connected in such a way that when one is faulty, others would still be functional.

Desktop Chargers: Some customers would do not have phone chargers may come to your shop for charging. This is the reason you must have mobile desktop battery chargers that you can use for to charge their phone batteries. In such instance, ensure you only collect the batteries which should be tagged appropriately.

How Much Money Can One Make From Phone Charging Business?
You may like to ask, ‘how much money can one make from mobile handset battery recharging business?’ Well, from my survey, people that recharge phone battery for business charge between N30 – N50 per phone or battery depending on the location. Some people develop this service into two shifts per day. Morning shift starts from 8am to 1pm. While the evening shift begins at 5pm and usually ends by 10pm. The break in between will allow the generator rest and the business owner can take this time off.

Assuming you charge an average of N30 per phone, if you can get 100 people to patronize you daily (50 in the morning shift and 50 in the afternoon shift), you will be making almost N2,500 daily after subtracting about N500 used for fueling the generator for the two shifts.

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Business of charging mobile phone batteries flourish where there is dense population. Places with unstable power supply are hot cakes. Your location must be one that guarantee maximum exposure to market what you do. Other business you can integrate into phone battery recharging business plan include:

==> DJ services and sales of CDs
==> selling recharge cards
==> sales and registration of SIM cards
==> handset repairs
==> selling handset accessories such as earphones, headsets, pouches, batteries, follow come charger, different phone casing/cases etc.

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Phone charging business can be started with very low amount of money. You will continue making decent returns on your investment as long as Nigerians keep patronizing low quality new and second hand fairly used android, tablets, BB, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry 10, Techno, Gionee, Infinix, Apple phone batteries, as well as until the government succeeds in fixing problems of power supply in the country.

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