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How much is dinner for two at Peter Luger? Is Peter Luger’s cash only? What kind of steak is served at Peter Luger’s? How much is a hamburger at Peter Luger?

Even though Peter Luger Brooklyn Lunch Menu Prices are always on the increase, patrons at the restaurant are always happy to make that extra payment to enable them continue to enjoy the unique tastes of the menu that the restaurant offers.

And you might need to have it at the back of your mind that Peter Luger with their location in Brooklyn and another one on Long Island, is one steak house that has been consistently listed as the best in the Big Apple for over 30 years.


In the year 1887, when Carl Luger’s Café was opened. It immediately became the favourite within the neighbourhood in Williamsburg. The business was established by Peter Luger and he gave his nephew the honour to name and manage it.

In the year 1903, the Williamsburg Bridge was opened and it brought in a lot of businesses for the restaurant. The area became more accessible and a new breed of businesspeople gained entry into the town.

In the year 1950, the restaurant was placed on auction and it was just a single bidder that was their present. Sol Forman bided and won not only the restaurant, but the building where it was sited.

Sol Forman became the owner of the restaurant and was responsible for the rise of Peter Luger restaurant and he also opened a second restaurant in Great Neck. The location at Great Neck was then closed down in the year 1984 after an extensive fire damage, but it was reopened in the year 1986.

The restaurant is owned and managed by Amy Rebenstein now. And a lot of prominent people across the American continent have dined and wined in this restaurant. People including the Robert De Niro, David Peterson who was New York’s Governor, Pete Sampras, Alfred Hitchcock, Chuck Schumer, Johnny Carson and a whole lot of other celebrities.


When the restaurant was purchased by Sol in 1950, there was never a time that there was nothing to do at the restaurant, everyone seemed to be busy at every point in time. In fact, he made the responsibility of purchasing and inspecting meat his wife’s who had taken about 2 years to learn this skill form a retired USDA grader.

Just as to keep with the tradition and to meet with the highest quality of meat, members of the family are still involved in the meat selection process who take the responsibility of visiting the wholesale market and ensure that they inspect the selection of the best short loins.


Despite the high Prices of menu at Peter Luger, it is getting famous by the day and receiving accolades by critics and diners as well. It is one of the best, if not the best, steak house in New York. Majority of its menu have been copied by other restaurants, but never equalled and never surpassed in taste, flavour and texture. In fact, it may not be the oldest or biggest steakhouse in New York, bit it is definitely the most popular of all

When you decide to dine at Peter Luger, you will not only be served with the best steak, you will also be set to get the best services that you can experience in New York. The restaurant interior is perfectly decorated to portray a classical setting that will make any diner feel at ease.


The primary reason why you will go to Peter Luger is for the steak. That is not the only item that is being offered at the restaurant, you will also be presented with a USDA prime beef that has its porterhouse cut out of a short loin: with a side having the filet, and the other side bearing the New York strip, and then a centre T-bone which runs across the middle.

Even the process of cooking the steak is taking delicately. All food at the restaurant is cooked based on customer’s order. Nothing is pre-cooked. And the most popular order is the medium rare – this is prepared to a charred state on the top, but remains pinkish in the middle and it is done to bring out the natural favours.


How much does it cost to eat at Peter Luger steakhouse? The Prices at Peter Luger is wide as the restaurant offers a wide range of menu to satisfy the growing need of their patrons. You can find below the various Peter Luger Steakhouse Prices:


Steak for 2                                                                   $103

Steak for 3                                                                   $155

Steak for 4                                                                   $207

Single Steak                                                                $51

Rib Steak                                                                    $54


Filet of Sole                                                                $30

Grilled Salmon                                                            $29

Lamb Chops                                                                $53


Sliced Tomatoes with sauce                                       $15

Lugers Bacon                                                              $5

Caesar Salad                                                               $14

Iceberg Salad                                                              $17


French fries                                                                 $7

Luger’s Fried Potatoes                                               $12

Baked Potato                                                              $7

Creamed Spinach                                                        $10


The two major Peter Luger’s are located in New York. The first in Williamsburg and the other in Great Neck. Both restaurants have served as a place of succour for New Yorkers for ages and they are located in the high browse areas of the city and have no difficulty in tracking.

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