Pet Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Pet Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

In response to the need for relevant information on how to train, domesticate pet in or neighborhood, a number of blogs have sprung into existence. These blogs provide rich resources on various topics and points of interest on behavioral and breeding patterns, feeding regimes of various pets, veterinary information as well as other relevant information regarding pets.

A good number of these blogs/sites accept guest posts that educate and entertain their reading audience. These posts usually have to pass certain stringent hurdles before they are accepted for publication. A number of then offer monetary compensation as well.

In no particular order, these are the top 10 pet blogs that accept posts from guest contributors:

Top Ranked Pet Blogs that Accept Guest Posting


With a high score on both Alexa and Page ranking, Dog Tipper has established itself as one of the best blogs on dogs and other relevant information. The site offers a rich bouquet of information, in easy to read formats that have guaranteed it a large following.

For those who wish to contribute information on the site as a guest writer, it is important that they visit the guest blog page to thoroughly understand the guidelines for submission. Published guest blogs have a minimum length of 50 words and the site will provide links to the contributor’s website or blog at the end of the post.

2. is proving to be the Mecca of information for dog lovers and owners. With a mailing list of several thousand of readers, the website provides useful information and tips concerning dog nutrition and health, breeding practices, user experience sections as well as other relevant information for dog owners.

It also offers essential oils and other items for improving the health of pets. Ranked 158,345 on Alexa, also accepts guest posts from around the world. Contributors will be required to send their posts, in a Word document format, to the email address in the guest post column. The site permits the guest blogger to include two back links to the contributor’s blog.


With an Alexa ranking of 157,500 and a page ranking of 3, provides quality write-ups and relevant information on keeping dogs as pets. Guest bloggers are required to read the instructions for submission and to send submissions to the email address of the editor of the website.

The guest writer will be entitled to one back link to his/her also accepts articles that are news related.


This is an all purpose website that offers relevant information on dogs and other pets. An intending guest contributor will be required to read through the submissions of other contributors, in order to get some direction as to the articles to be contributed. The guest blogger will be entitled to a short author biography.

5. Embrace Pet Insurance

This site commands a lot of traffic as it dwells on insurance; not just for lost pets but also for other instances were pets behave badly and cause injury or even death to other people. To contribute a guest post, writers are advised to go through the blog and view popular themes and writing styles.

It is also required that the intending guest writer pitches to the editor of embrace pet Insurance, before sending the actual article. The guest writer is permitted to provide links to his/her website in the body of the article, as well as the author biography. Extra credits can be earned if the guest writer has some knowledge in the medical field.

6. is a website that prides itself on providing tips, advice and information for all kinds of pets and animals. An Alexa ranking of 147,600 and a page rank of 3 shows that the website is taken seriously by animal lovers and owners around the world.

It is important for intending guest writers to go through previously published articles, read the submission guide page and to insert the email of the author at the top right of the permits the guest writer to include links to relevant sites as well as back links to the contributor’s website or blog.


The owner of prides herself as being a veterinarian, mother and a big dog lover. She writes about safety and health tips for all animals including diet plans and physical exercise. With an Alexa ranking of over 195,000, is one of the top pet blogs in the world. Intending guest post writers are advised to read through previous articles on the website and to use the submission page on the website to send in articles.

8. is one-stop website that provides relevant information, tips and insightful articles on a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats and farm animals such as hares and guinea pigs.

Intending guest post writers are advised to visit the contact page of and pitch on the article to be contributed.

The guest writer must also select “guest posting” from the list of options in the drop down menu on the contact page.


The offers rich content and material for animal lovers and owners. The site provides insight for all types of animals including farm animals. The website also touches on contemporary topics such as pet insurance and legal liabilities.

Intending guest writers must have registered as users on the website and must be abreast of developments on the website. To successfully submit an article, the intending guest writer will have to pitch to a contact person, called Angela.

10. is one of the more authoritative voices in the care and nurturing of all types of animals and pets. The website also fights for the enthronement of animal rights and gives publicity to species of animals that are going extinct due to the activities of man.

Intending guest writers are advised to read the submission guidelines and to send a pitch on the article they intend to submit.

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