Best Private (Personal) Wealth and Investment Management Software – Reviews

Private (Personal) Wealth Investment Portfolio Management Software – Free Download

Do you have your wealth spread out in different locations? Do you intend to manage your real estate investment very well? Are you looking for the best open source software for personal wealth management?

If these are the case, you need to concentrate as the software to be discuss here are somehow obscure and complicating. If you are in need of the best among its peers private wealth management software, focus on this piece you are reading.

The private wealth management software helps to provide a financial management institution with end-to-end capable and functionality streamline operations. It improves the communication link of the clients and usually makes well-informed opinion by making use of the available analysis tools.

The personal capital management software look after and prevent the monitor risk at any point in time thereby increasing the production rate and decreasing the operational cost.

Different portfolios of investment asset management software to be highlighted are for money or financial managers especially. The following are the best private wealth management software that are reliable and trustworthy.



Talking about Vest Serve as one of the best automatic wealth management software, it is formerly regarded as the Isis financial system, and this software has in its possession what we call an integrated management solution (IMS) that form ally with any available asset class. It has a scenario and tool and the yield curve analysis with breakout allocations and it return at all ramifications.

It other features include;

• Risk analytical
• Based modeling rules
• What-if / cash flow analysis
• Complex fee calculation
• Data aggregation and unitization.

2. FIN

The financial information network (FIN) offers a complete and full global investment management analysis for financial managers and SMA sponsors of different sizes.

It feature checklist are;

• Payroll or commission
• Fund management
• Performance metrics
• Benchmarking


This investment tracking system software is a bit complicated to a starter who is yet to be familiar with it, but with passion and incessant use, it will be easier at the later end.

Features offered are;

• Modeling
• Portfolio rebalance
• Workflow automation
• Compliance management


This is not a bad software for investment management either, it is best for the private equity companies that needs consistency in its business. This software of a thing is currently adopted by over 700 firms, and among them are banks, real estate, insurance companies and host of others. It speed in validating data and its highly valued analysis for investment planning is no joke.

Checklist features include;

• Benchmarking
• Risk management
• Fund management


This investment risk management software suit and best applicable for hedge funds, private equity funds and the likes. It possess a wider range in term of security coverage and it report where necessary the most distribution engine.

Key features;

• Risk management
• Performance metrics
• Equities
• Client management
• Benchmarking
• Check writing
• Workflow engine


This online investment management analytics software is a modular solution that is web-based and it has an asset allocation, client profiling and the compliance reporting abilities.

Feature checklist includes;

• Compliance management
• Client management
• Portfolio management


It is best use for those making use of an ideal desktop computer.


• Cost basis tracking
• Mutual fund comparison
• Track budget
• Insight for improvement
• Capital gain estimate


This is a web-based performance reporting solution that has a feature of industry-specific capabilities in taking care and charge of the front and middle office. It possesses a simple platform, tight Microsoft Office integration, intuitive interface, tablet and smartphone mobile access.


This is another online investment management solution for seeing to the affairs of all the investment portfolio, report, account and task related to client within a single powerful management investment platform.

Feature checklists are;

• Billing and client management
• Integration general ledger
• Check writing
• Workflow engine


This automated business management software basically covers almost all the United States and Canadian securities. It gives room for fundamental and technical screen combination.


• Equities

It is designed by one professional financial manager and it had been embrace by various investors. According to some, it is indeed the ultimate material, tools or software for easy consolidation.

It also has a setup portfolio wizard that allows the importation of your transaction log and your balances within very short period of time.

Other transaction accounting features are,

• Interest
• Short sales
• Dividend


This is a personal portfolio manager usually meant for Window Explorer.

Checklists feature;

• College fund
• Retirement plan
• Loss calculation
• Technical analysis


Talking about this portfolio, the software is best use by the money manager, retail investors, active traders etc. There is room for tracking, as such it tracks the trading transaction and make available a summary of portfolio performance.

Other than active portfolio summary are;

• Ending market value
• Gain or loss
• Withdrawals
• Beginning market value.

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