How Much Do Perms Cost? Salon Prices for Different Hair Types


A lot of people have the belief that the quintessence of beauty is possessing a beautiful straight hair. They don’t just seem to understand how to live one that has a curly hair. Since time immemorial, curls are being celebrated and believed to be the epitome of anything natural and people that have it are considered lucky and gracious.

The Greeks showed their love and affinity for a curly hair in most of their statutes and mythologies. European countries went agog over the beautiful curls and it wasn’t a surprise when the perm was invented in the 1900’s, that it was accepted by all as it gave people that never thought it possible to have curly hairs to spot one. In those days, no one actually knew how much it would cost to get a perm at a salon then and also judging from the fact that you will need to spend up to 12 hours to get that.

How much do perms cost at great clips and other salons? That is the question that a lot of people want to have answers to and we will deliver that to you in the course of this article.


The cost to do a perm will depend on the location that you are and the salon that you intend to get the perming done. Apart from that, another thing that needs to be considered in estimating the cost of a perm will be the length of your hair. You might want to check into different salons to know their fees before finally settling for one.


You can have a perm done at Salon 21. If you intend to use this salon, you should understand that they offer 3 different kinds of perming. The first being a Flat Perm: This is the most common perm procedure and it will cost about $70. You are set to have the highest volume of perms with the Flat perm

The Spiral Perm is the 2nd time of perm that is being offered at Salon 21. This is the best option for people that have medium length hair. The procedure involved in getting this done include rolling the hair in a vertical manner to make it appear more natural. The cost of the Spiral Perm is $86 or even more.

The last one being Beach Waves. This can only work on long hairs as well as medium length hairs. If you have a very short hair, this will not work well for you. It is considered the most natural among the 3 and it will cost around $120. This cost is high because it requires so much time to get this kind of perm done.

At UltraCuts Salon, the cost to get a perm done will be within the range of $30 and above. A lot of people do not believe they can get a perm done at such low price and still high quality. But UltraCuts has proven them wrong, as so many of their customers have come back to give a positive review about their services.

The cost of a perm at BoRics Salon starts from $50. BoRics is a member of the Regis Corporation, which has so many other hair line salons in its network.

At Bubbles Salon, they claim that they have one of the best customer service delivery in the industry. They also boast of highly skilled stylists that will work your hair to your taste. Bubbles Salon has locations in Virginia, Maryland, Washington and Pennsylvania and the cost of a perm starts from about $100


People that have short hairs can get their perms done in a very short time. Much more time will be spent when you have longer hairs. However with the advent of modern technologies and new perming techniques, it is possible to get a perm done in an hour or a little bit more.


Now that you have gotten the curly hair that you crave for, you will now be bothered about how long this will last. A perfectly done perm will last for about 3 months to about 6 months. It might not come as a good news for those who prefer their curls and might be good news for those that would want their hair back to its normal state in a very short time.


After getting your perms done. The expenses do not end there. You would need to give your perms the required attention so that it does not get dry and have much frizz. You will also need to condition the hair on a regular basis, since it takes in a lot of heat as well as chemicals.

A permed hair can be shampoos to make it stronger, longer and healthier and also have a shiny brighter looks at all times. A bottle of shampoo will go within the range of $10 and $30 depending on the brand and the quality.

You will definitely get a better result when you combine your shampoo with a good quality hair conditioner.


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