How Much Does a Pedicure Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Pedicure?

What is included in a basic pedicure? What do you actually get for the price of a fancy spa pedicure? Do you know the average price of gel pedicure for guys at Walmart?

It’s very much possible you understand what a manicure is, the question is do you know what a pedicure is. Is it just as simple as is it sounds. In a short term, just like a pedicure is a considered a treatment mostly gotten at the spa and its purpose is to trim, clean, scrub, buff, and sometime paint, and pampers your toenails. 

These 2 treatments are relaxing and they are meant to make your nails and the skin around it looking new and healthy.

Now that you now understand what a pedicure means, there might be some more questions that you will have: from prices of pedicure, to the etiquettes that go along a pedicure, to the cost of getting a pedicure done.

Well you don’t have to worry no more, since that is the reason why you are here. We will be discussing on how much does a pedicure cost in this article and by the time you read through, you will surely get the information you seek.


There are various types of pedicure. The general normal pedicure is the one that involves getting your foot soaked and then brushed with a pumice stone or file to peel off calluses. Thereafter, the nails will be shaped and then coated with your desired colour. Apart from this type of pedicure, there are some other types, which are listed as follows:

  • SHELLAC PEDICURE: It is sometimes uncomfortable having a chipped nail as a result of a pedicure. So some customers will prefer to have a shellac pedicure, that uses an Ultra Violet lamp and special polish that allows the polish to stay longer, for at least 2 weeks.
  • GEL PEDICURE: This is just like the shellac pedicure, only that it uses gel in lieu of a polish to prevent the colours on the nails from chipping.
  • CHOCOLATE PEDICURE: This is quite less common type of pedicure. It involves the customer dipping their foot in prepared warm chocolate. The chocolate is allowed to stick and dry on the skin, which is later scrubbed off. In the process of scrubbing off the chocolate, the dead skins of the feet are easily exfoliated.

So how much is a pedicure near me?


Every pedicure is different. There is always the possibility of getting a wide range of tempting add-ons. And the cost of pedicure can vary so much depending on the type of pedicure you are getting and the salon at which the pedicure is being done. But generally, you will be paying between $40 and $80 for a pedicure.


The reason why most people get a pedicure is to have a touch up on themselves, but it will be quite surprising to note that there are a few health benefits attached to a pedicure

  • When you get your pedicure done at a professional’s, they might be able to detect infections early. This will help you to go for treatment on time before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • When you also go for a pedicure, you are very much likely to get softer skins as most pedicures utilise lotions, creams and other formula that will soothe a dry skin. And almost all processes of pedicure will include an exfoliation that will remove and dead skin.
  • Another benefit of a pedicure is the relaxing feeling you get when you are getting one done.


Apart from the general cost of pedicure, you might be expected to make other payments if you are going for the deluxe service. Deluxe services will go for as low as $30 and sometimes can also be as high as $150. When natural creams and minerals combined with prolonged treatments are included in the service, then you might also have to pay more.

When you decide to get your pedicure done at salons like Tenoverten, you will get a 10 minute stone massage and then application of creams that will hydrate your skin. This additional treatment will take up to 35 minutes and it might cost you an additional $40.


The basic pedicure process involves the coating of the nails with polishes, which is finished up with clear top coat. To hasten the drying process, dryers are used on the coated nails. Most salons will provides alternative services to regular coating of the nails. These additional services will incur more costs for the customer.

If you want to go for the French pedicure which seems to be the most popular and classical. It involves the coating of the nails with light pink colours designed with white polish at the tips of the nails. The simplicity of this design has made it suitable for everybody and okay for any kind of event. To get this additional style at most salons, you will need to pay an additional $10.


It is very much possible to get packages combination at most resorts and spas. Customers can combine various services at a 20% discount of what they will pay if they go for just an individual service.

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