How Much Does Pebble Tec Pool Cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Resurface a Swimming Pool?

Do you know how much it cost to pebble tec a pool? In this modern day, we have different kinds of pools finishes available to swimming pool enthusiasts. Finishes ranging from vinyl, granite and cement to plasters all have their various benefits as well as setbacks. But in recent years, a kind of pool finish has become more popular among pool enthusiasts. And that is the Pebble Tec. Are you coming across this for the first time or you have been searching for information on how much a pebble tec cost? Then you can read on


Pebble Tec as the name implies are gotten from small river pebbles, which are mixed with cement and incorporated with dye. PebbleTec originated in Australia in the ‘60s and it started as pebbles being mixed ordinarily with cement. This is to provide smooth beach entries.

With time, the system was adopted by swimming pool builders and over the next 15 years, it became so popular in the construction of swimming pools across Australia.

Pebble Tec gained entrance into the United States in the ‘80s and in no time, it became so popular as well due to ease of installation and the effect it has on the pool. A lot of pool enthusiasts then started making Pebble Tec as a choiced layering material for their pool, hence the wide inquest on how much does a Pebble Tec cost.


If there is any other word to use instead of quality, we guess it will be Pebble Tec. In the creation of Pebble Tec, only the finest seashells and pebbles are collected from different parts of the world’s best beaches and river beds.

It will be of interest to you that 70% of standard and extravagant swimming pools across the United States are finished with Pebble Tec. It comes in over 70 beautiful colours and the finishing is quite superb. Pebble Tec can also be said to be highly durable and it is not as susceptible to staining as it is with other types of swimming pool finishes.


If you have ordered for the use of Pebble Tec in your swimming pool, after considering the cost of Pebble Tec Resurfacing, and finally decided to go for it. The Pebble Tec will be delivered with a truck and strictly applied by licensed artisans. The major components of Pebble Tec, which are the Pebble mix and cements are mixed with water and then other additive, that have been administered in the right proportion.

The mixture is then pumped via a hose onto the swimming pool at an immense pressure. The mixture are then spread across the pool walls and the floor manually by hand and applied on one area at a time. This is to ensure that the mixture is formed into an even surface.

After the mixture has been applied across the walls and floors, the surface will be sprayed to expose the pebbles and then wash off the thin layer of cement that covers the mixture. This is left for 24 hours to harden before an acid-rinse is then applied on the walls and floors.

To ensure the brightness of the pebbles, a final treatment of  a special solution is then applied on the treated walls and floors. Finally pressure water cleaning is then applied to expose the finished work, which is the Pebble Tec surface and then filling is done.


It is highly recommended to pool owners to balance their pool using the Langlier Saturation Index. This is a system that measures the pH, chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness as well as the water temperature.

Even the Pebble Tec Company recommends a period of 30 days after the Pebble Tec is applied, to monitor the pH and alkalinity of the pool because these agents can directly affect the appearance of the surface.


Cost of Pool Resurfacing – Estimates and Prices Paid – average cost resurface pool

So how much does a Pebble Tec Swimming pool renovation cost? When you have decided to have a pool resurfacing, as mentioned earlier, you have to consider a lot of factors as the durability of the items, level of pool maintenance that you intend to carry out and of course the Pebble Tec Resurfacing Cost.

Nevertheless Pebble Tec is simply the best option due to its luxurious finishes and extravagance when compared to other types of pool finishing materials.

In the past few years, Pebble Tec have been very popular for some obvious reasons ireespect of the high cost of Pebble Tec, its components can never be compared with other resurfacing materials, especially with its properties of being able to hide synthetic substance and its longevity. Now, how much does it cost to pebble tec a pool?

The cost of Pebble Tec resurfacing for a pool is within the range of $3500-$8500. This is the estimate for a rough coating. The average pebble tec estimate for a finished job will cost between $5000 to $10000.

This pricing surely depends on the type of style and the colour of the Pebble Tec material and also the size of the pool.

But in a situation whereby you desire to have an entire pool upgrade, the cost of Pebble Tec resurfacing in this case will be around $8000 to $22000. You might even be spending more depending on the final estimates and quotes by your local contractor. For your information, the pricing surely include the replacement of the waterline decking and tile, plumbing as well as fixing of electrical issues.


In your quest to get information on how much does Pebble Tec Resurfacing cost? You might want to consider going for the Pebble Tec option compared to other pool resurfacing techniques, due to Pebble Tec’s durability, fineness and ensure you do a background check on your local contractor to get information of how perfect they have done their previous jobs with other clients.

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